Processing an extrasorero by Rubén Moreira for download 475 mdp

Ciudad de Mexico.- Ismael Eugenio Ramos Flores, Secretary of the Financial Governorate of Ruben Moreira in Coahuila, was arrested before the federal justice and process was completed at a cost of 5 475 million to finance

A game of control of the Federal Center of Justice Penalty in Coahuila, with a siege in Torreón, processed this madrugada alfuncionario for the delicate delicacies and its elaborate attributes and faculties, informing ministerial fuels.

Dado que los delitos no prevén la prisión preventive de officio, el impartidor de impuso la presentación peridódica a la unidad de Medidas Cautelares, la entrega de su passport a la prohibition de país sin jujucialización.

Also, the juggernaut stabilized a plasma for three months for a complete investigation, period prevailed for tanto the Fiscal General of the Republic as the defense of the process sent its respectable data prior.

In November 2020, the government agreed to allow the Specialized Fiscal Combat to Corruption (FECC) initiate this indication against Ramos Flores and other ex-collaborators from Rubier Moreira in Coahuila.

The carpet of FED / FECC / FECC-COAH / 0000087/2019 fue abierta por una denuncia que el 3 de junio de 2019 presents la Secretariat de la Función de la pagos eugalas de la Secretariía de la plicos de financial

In particular, the SFP will not only execute its functions because it has eaten up to 475 million pounds of Fortafin pesos in 15 contracts and professional services of quasals that do not have the efficiency to be effective.

In this regard, the Public Function also denounced Antonio Zerón Puga and Nazario Salvador Iga Torre, who would like to hear from the Director General and the Director of Investigations, respectfully, in the Secretariat of the Coalition.

From the denunciations of Edgar Julián Montoya de la Rosa, the excerpt of the cogula of Egresos de Coahuila, which falls on 8 July 2018.

Ramos Flores ya estaba en la mira de diversas autoridades fiscalizadoras por las irregularidades en el ejercicio de los recursos, durante su gestión de 2011 a 2017.

In 2016, the Superior Auditor of the Establishment achieved more than 400 million pesos to the enterprises of “Fantasma” and fueled denial before the Fiscal Anticorruption of Coahuila.

In December 2020, the Tesorería de Federación (Tesofe) initiated an operational coup, together with other exotic states and municipalities and a private enterprise, did not develop 92 million dollars or even less. destinados entre 2016 y 2018.

The case for which Ahora has been processed is related to Fortafin’s recreation, a fund created in 2016 in the programming of the Economics of Contingencies to attend to the solicitation of the Gobiernos estates, susatales, susitales.

There are two types of conveniences for receiving subsidies, the Fortalecimiento Financiero and the Fortalecimiento Financiero for Inversion.

The fund was raised at a rate of 62,258 million pesos, representing 53 per cent of the total del Ramo 23, which is pertinent.

In a report from the Public Accounts Commission 2017, the Federation’s top auditorium advises that Fortafin cares about the operational or linear regulation that permits indications of its objectives, such as the benefits to the labors.

In 2017, the last day of Ramos at the Secretariat of the Financiers, Coahuila received 396.6 million pesos from Fortafin, the quasals of 110 million were established for the current 6.6 frequent currents.

In January 2018, Coahuila had to consider 369.8 million observations of solvency, due to the concept of total distribution of federations in 2016, as well as 32.2 million cases of miscarriages.