Produced 101 Million Barrels of Diaries en Mayo-L Financiro

لا Petroleum production of private enterprises In Mexico there were 101 million barrels of crude diamonds in Mayo, which represented a hit for the industry, or that the rogue romper of the ‘Crystal Teacup’ of 100 million barrels, sealed at intervista Merlin Kochran, Director General de la Association Mexico de Empresses de Hydrocarborus (AMEXHI).

This volume, deals with official data National Commission of Hydrocarburos (CNH), represent the 6 per cent of the petroleum production. Additionally, it produces far more than 232 million natural gas pies.

Without starting, the direct signal that this alone is a primitive escalator, or that the potential petroleum is primarily ascending to the middle millionth of a barrel of diamonds.

“Ya llegamos la las tres cifras pero vamos por más, even if this cifra represents a hito important, does not mean that we are a barracks or that we will stay in this new”, added.

Result that the pesar of sanitary contingency del Covid-19The sector was fortunate to meet, which benefited the country.

“What produces the privados and altos precision of the petrochemical of the new international, beneficiaries primarily in the Mexican state, or what it is like Le De Hydro Carborusellos son el socio mayitario y reciben el 74 por ciento de las regalías, el jabilo debe ser por el estado ”, dijo.

On account of the transfer of resources to the state, data from the Mexican Fund for Petroleum and the CNH indicate that, since the inception of its operations by March 2022, the industry of hydrocarburos has realized 56 percent of hydrocarbons Associated contraceptives for hydrocarbon production.

Already, Mexico receives 74 per cent of the oil generated by the petroleum contours de acuerdo con los terminos acordados en los contratos.

From the point of view, the AMEXHI informs that the volume registered in May was extracted by 21 empires that operated 32 of the 110 hydrocarbon contracts present in the country, which correspond to the long assignments, .321y. 2015 and 2017, as well as migration with sociology Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) For the camps of Santuario-El Golpe, Mississippi, Albano and Miquetla and the associations in the villages of Cordenas-Mora and Ogarrio.

“The 110 hydrocarbons contracts have generated multiple benefits to the country. They have created more than 58 million businesses (13 million businesses directly), since they have received 3 million 418 million dollars in national and international transactions. Local Law Enforcement Act 2021 to implement in the social process of 2015 and 2021 and the ambitions that support the salute, economy and conservation of the habitats ”, indicate the petrochemicals.

“This is very important to deliver the Urdu labor that has hit the empires of hydrocarbons in these eighties, especially during the actual emergence of the COVID-19, which has retracted the production and canceled the global innovations,” he said. Juan Manuel Delgado, President Amexi. “There is no obstruction, the pressure of this, the hydrocarburos empires in Mexico are compromised with their operations and all are compliant with their work planes”.

Delgado agregó que a los contratos que hoy están en producción, en los siguientes meses y años se le sumarán aquellos que aún est f enn explorers y de delimitación donde se han discovery nuevos yacimiento.

The contradictions made from 2015 onwards were 64 per cent exploratory findings from December 2021 and 17 new discoveries were made, the eleven quadrupeds of the crudo nacionales.