Progress on the Interstate and Metropolitan Parliament project for La Laguna, El Siglo de Torreón

The project to create an Interstate and Metropolitan Parliament has made significant progress in recent weeks, with the meeting between the chairmen of the boards of the Coahuila and Durango congresses, Eduardo Olmos Castro and Ricardo López Pescador, respectively. and Deputy Eduardo García Reyes, Chairman of the Metropolitan Affairs Commission of the Durango Congress.

The Interstate and Metropolitan Parliament for La Laguna would serve as a mechanism for discussion, coordination and legislative cooperation between the Coahuila and Durango congresses, through its Metropolitan Affairs Commissions, on all issues related to the Lagunera region and its metropolitan area that require the approval and adaptation of both states’ laws and legal frameworks.

It would also be responsible for the analysis, discussion and design of the agreed legal framework for the creation and operation of figures such as agencies, funds, trusts, institutions, mechanisms, policies, plans, programs, projects, incentives and metropolitan infrastructure. The projects and initiatives were united through this space for interparliamentary cooperation would be taken to their respective state congresses to be discussed and put to the vote in plenary session.

The initiative is driven by Renacer Lagunero, who raised the proposal, the function and benefits for legislators, which was very well received and gave rise to another meeting for analysis and discussion, which was joined by Raúl Onofre, Chair of the Municipal and Metropolitan Affairs Commission at the Coahuila Congress, Karla Obregón, Head of the Center for Research and Studies Legislative Members of the Congress in Durango, Francisco López, Head of the Institute of Legal and Parliamentary Research at the Coahuila Congress, and Julián Mejía, President of the Civic Organization.

Mejía explained that this meeting represents an important step forward, with the presence of those responsible for both the technical-legal and legislative analysis of the reform initiatives and projects, as well as the preparations and foundations for the initiatives that will be voted on in commissions and in plenary sessions. a very good sign of the interest and coincidence of criteria between the chairmen of the boards and the Metropolitan Affairs Commissions for both congresses in terms of the relevance and convenience of having this legislative figure.

The Interstate and Metropolitan Parliament project has already been presented to the Secretariat for Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development by the Federal Government (Sedatu) and already has their support and accompaniment for its realization.


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