Promethe adán apoyo, obras y hasta cambio de funcionarios

Ciudad de Mexico- The Secretariat of Governance, Aden Augusto López Hernández, which has some semenas manejaba bajo profile and poca presents mediatica, ahora promete apoyos, obras y hasta cambio de funcionarios.

To make the car rumbo in 2024, the federal federal firm in San Luis Potosí that the first-timer will be terminated at the end of the federal carpetra 057, which will have a total of 5 million 200 of the modern carcasses of modern carcasses .

Incorporate United Nations Events Autoridades Locals, including Gov. Ricardo Gallardo, the “corcholata” de Morena also compliant the Tamuín of the Aeropuerto, in its mismatch, and its nomenclature.

“I have to take care of your airplane, I agree that it has been nominated by a new delegate to the SCT (Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation) and we have a 15-day visit,” he said.

“Because there is no excuse and you can take advantage of the aerospace, of the pistachio base, and of the auropuerto de tamuín for which the sea has an expectation of respect.” The implementation of the Aeropuerto nos ayude a darle otro dinamismo a esa regi tann tan importante del Estado “.

Promises of tabasqueñ no pararon ahí, even from the fact that in a platoon of 60 days he received the recuperation or rehabilitation of the duct of the Presidency.

“Because we don’t think we’re going to do anything wrong in the city or in the zona industry, there’s a lot of potency … there’s a marauder, there’s a lot of ventilation and there’s no such thing, but we need to hide our capital. “, expresó.

“Because we want the mayor of industrial development, this is a great venture that we have respect for the state of affairs, that it is better not to think about it because we are afraid or despair that one of us lives in the city of San Francisco, Lucifer. , cómo no lo vamos a … “.

López, who durnte the event that is not considered political, refrained from supporting all the Gobierno federal to the administration of Gallardo, who would like the governorship of the Partido Verde, but is the son of Manuela López.

“Ricardo is not alone ؛ this is the altruism of this retro and the Gobierno federal is compromised ayudarlo with all. The republic is not only more than the potions, but also the Mexicans in the generation of these social programs “, abundant.

“What you need, we’re going to help. For those who don’t have a duda, the Gobierno federal, and that’s the instruction of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to help with all her government, the Luberno Governorate”.

Timbian bromia

At his recent events in distant states, the fairies in Baja California and Baja California Sur, López also has been characterized by improvisation of his discourses and bromures during long hours.

At this juncture, I saw the interception of Cardona, the secretive secret that I did not have a bonneto or tenacity as an escarpment like the one the governor had, but he always had the intention, but he wanted the resistance of others.

“She knows that I am very fond of San Luis Potosí in her eyes that she would gossip about Ricardo Gallardo, not to say that he did not make a mistake because he would not be disappointed and would not be able to do it all in Ciudad. de Mexico “, siguió bromeando.