Propaganda ‘cirugía mayor’ for El Paso Coliseo

The 80th anniversary of its opening – the 21st of May 1942– The Collection of El Paso is one of the classic recitations for the presentation of artistic and sporting events, among the classic rodeo, but still standing.

The installation will take care of gastronomic offers, and requires some adaptations to compete with the specs like the Don Haskins Center of UTEP and the potential arenas in the center, if anything else can be found.

With the adaptation of the new times, the Condo of El Paso has joined an adjoining studio at the El Paso County Coliseum, as is the possibility of building an infinity park in Ascárate Park, with a capacity of 5,500 spectators.

The factual analysis, with a cost of 90 million dollars, was realized by Hunden Strategic Partners, a consultant firm in the development of the city with Chicago, and was presented at the Corte de Commissados ​​del Condo de El Paso in the passage. en la paso miercoles

“If the Collective is not a major protagonist, there will always be events and events that will be successful”, said the report.

Here’s a look at some of the conditions that determine whether or not the propellers to renew the Coliseo, who came with 5 million 250 aspirations and received an extension of 20 acres on Calle Paisano, a free ladoon.

Accompanied by the studio, updated all the conjugates of the Coliseo tomar with a total of 54.1 million dollars, of which ua 15.1 million were deducted directly from the principal.

Enter the camouflage from the propeller to add a second pistachio de hielo and agar restaurant.

The global project involves converting Sherman Barn, also used for alchemy, into a music boutique with a capacity of between 1 mil 500 and 2 mil accessories.

Espacio en Ascárate

The prophylaxis in Ascárate Park, in Valle Bajo, cost an estimated .3 24.3 million, including an estimated area.

The idea of ​​the councils on the campus of the Coliseo and the addition of an anfitatro is capturing concierges and other events that pass by alto a El Paso, said Mike Hernández, the title of the Economic Development Council.

The aspiring prophet of the park in the consultant’s studio tendered 1 million 260 items and received an average of 4 million 300 people.

There are versions that the city of Sunland Park, New Mexico, which is colloquial with the Oeste of El Paso, is preparing the construction of an infinity, which will be able to conduct spectacles in El Paso.

A little story

The Colloquial of El Paso was originally created to alter the events of the day in the city of El Paso. The main ones are called “Edificio de exhibición agrícola y de ganado del Condado de El Paso” or “Edificio de exposición de ganado”. When inappropriate, it was the largest college in Los Angeles, Fort Worth and Denver.

The edifice was inappropriate from May 21, 1942 at a festival that saw a large number of locations and empires in El Paso for a barbacoa cena that also celebrated the “Semana del algodón”.

The first event to take place at the Coliseo Fue el Rodeo Posse of the Sheriff of El Paso in June 1942. In 1943, he received the approval of Mayor CL Whitmarsh to alter the views of the Italian guerrillas within the island.

The Coliseum was used to recruit people in 1951, this time temporarily bracelets.

In September 2003, he visited the Coliseo’s El Paso Sports Commission Inc.

Memorial conciertos

On November 10, 1972, Elvis Presley became active in the Coliseum with a multidisciplinary team of 9 million spectators.

The Grateful Dead was born on the 23rd of November 1973 in El Paso.

On June 4, 1980, ABC Radio received a concert by Alice Cooper as part of its SuperGroups series.

Iron Maiden was born in 1981 and 1982