Proposal at Anglican summit against same-sex marriage to be revisited

Major changes are expected to be made to a document that was supposed to ask Anglican bishops around the world to speak out against same-sex marriage at a key conference.

A spokesman for this week’s once-a-decade Lambeth Conference said there would be a revised text of the draft “appeal” on marriage, which sparked outrage.

Among the “calls” that look like proposals at the conference was that 650 bishops and archbishops from around the world should consider reaffirming a position that “supports marriage as between a man and a woman.”

The draft call for human dignity also stated that “the legalization or blessing of same-sex unions” could not be recommended and “in the opinion of the Anglican Communion as a whole, same-sex marriages are unacceptable”.

This was met with fury, disappointment and annoyance from many Anglicans as the calls for conscription were published the previous week.

Some of the appeals are believed to have been amended, but the “human dignity” appeal has been the most controversial and could be subject to significant changes.

Earlier this week, the bishops of the Church in Wales said the draft text “undermines and subverts the dignity of an integral part of our community, rather than confirming it.”

It adds: “While recognizing that some provinces will want to reaffirm the historical understanding of marriage, we want to assure our LGBT+ sisters and brothers in Christ that we will work to correct this passage to more adequately reflect our understanding of their equal place in the church. “.

Southwark Dean Andrew Nunn said: “It’s not the homophobia that comes out of it that really pisses me off, unfortunately I’m used to it.

“What turns me on is the outrageous way that the ‘church’, whoever it is, demonstrates such a lack of openness, transparency and honesty towards the rest of us who are the church.”


Canterbury Cathedral (Yui Mok/Pennsylvania)

He said that none of this was mentioned at the General Synod and he is still waiting for “open talks to which we have all been invited, which will help us move even further in our understanding of each other on issues of sexuality and sex.” committed relationship.”

A group of senior Anglicans also wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who is president of the conference, to the archbishops and bishops of the Church of England to express their “serious concern” about the call and its implications.

The Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops from around the world in Canterbury will run until 8 August.

It is being held at a time when there is a huge diversity of views in different countries, and the conference is seen as a once a decade attempt to bring people together to listen and find common ground.

Many Anglican churches have a traditional view of marriage, but there are also a growing number of liberal churches that have embraced same-sex marriage.

It seems that since the event is organized in the spirit of hearing, and the bishops, especially from these liberal provinces, have made their views very clear in recent days, the conference has been compelled to listen and respond.

In a statement, Bishop Tim Thornton, chairman of the Lambeth Appeals subgroup, said: “In recent days, we have listened carefully to the bishops’ responses to the Lambeth Appeals: Guidelines and Training Papers that were released last week, and especially with regard to the draft invocation. to human dignity.

“The Drafting Group of the Appeal for Human Dignity will make some changes to the Appeal.

“This will be published as part of the Lambeth Calls, the texts of which will be discussed by the bishops at the conference.”

He added that details about the changes have not yet been made public, but that bishops should now be given the opportunity to “clearly state their opposition to a particular call” when they are discussed at the conference.