Proposed change in the language of the law could give a boost to entrepreneurs

A House Republican wants to ensure that a major workforce development law applies to entrepreneurs as well.

Earlier this week, Congressman Rick Allen of Georgia introduced Startup Act, The law amends the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, the primary federal law related to workforce development that helps job seekers access education, training and other support services and connects them with employers.

The bill rewrites the text of a 2014 law by changing “job seekers” to “job seekers and entrepreneurs” so that business owners and those starting businesses can access similar programs. The bill also expands the types of resources offered to include programs focused on entrepreneurial skills development.

“Long before I was a Congressman, I was an entrepreneur,” said Allen, who founded construction company RW Allen & Associates before being elected to the House of Representatives in 2014. I spent nearly four decades building and operating a small business. ” One Statement, “I am proud to lead this effort to help entrepreneurs, both present and future, access the resources they need.”

bill Will also authorize the Department of Labor to undertake a three-year, multi-state study to analyze the outcome of additional entrepreneurship training programs and their economic impact. Right now, it’s unclear whether the bill proposed by Congressman Allen has enough support to pass the House before going to the Senate and eventually on President Biden’s table.