Pulido, the only Mexican in the top 10 with more MLS value

The match against Héctor Herrera at the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the United States has caused great controversy in Mexico and Spain, so much so that the futbolist has no qualms about maintaining it in Europe and more than a month in the Code of the Code. Qatar 2022

The revolutions traced by Héctor Herrera to the MLS come to the mover of the mercado estadounide in the value of the jugadores, but the Mexicans do not enter among the 10 best valuations, which is an unexplained list. The delantero of Sporting Kansas City Alan Pulido, who, a pesar de no ha podido jugar en todo lo que va del ao, sigue en el top ten.

Actually, the canterano de los tigres y exgoleador de las Chivas tien un valor de 8.3 million delares de el segundo al mando en dicho cargo como mexicano es Efraín Álvarez del Galaxy de Los Angeles, el 1.3.2. Sabuel 1. Millions of dollars.

The side that commands the list is Argentina, the action-packed footballers of Nación also think that they are the only ones in the world and the few who exist in the MLS take the first prizes of the best values.

Thiago Almada, from Atlanta United, is the best player with the best transfer market with a cost of 18.7 million dollars.

The most popular and its trajectory in the football of Europe, Javier Chicharito Hernández and Carlos Vela also figured in the list, but La Hiena would enter among the best valuables with a cost of 5.1; since the LAFC was convinced in a different way, but the edit and its proper activation with the selection of Mexico has disenfranchised its value.

Javier Hernández doesn’t live up to his expectations and his value is around 2.5 million dollars in the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Héctor Herrera de la Atlético de Madrid and joined the Houston Dynamo de MLS, the equipo estadounidense de la nautica a través de un communicado de pransa, en el que de la bienvenida a su nuevo jugador franquicia.

“For part of the city of Houston and its hunches of leisure and adventures, I feel honored to have given the title to Héctor Herrera at the Houston Dynamo Football Club”, said the senior proprietor of the club, Ted Segal.

The new international, the nativo of Tijuana, Baja California, is different from the National Selection of Mexico, the ultimate decadence, with over 100 appearances with the Selection National Mayor, representing the Tricolor in the next World Cup. 2012

The Olympic champion is not only the first medal of the Mexican football team, but also the first medal of the Olympic team at the Londres Olympic Games in Juventus.

From the glorious Olympics, Herrera guided Mexico to continental and international competencies.

Levantó su primer trophy with the category mayor in the Copa Oro de la Concacaf 2015 with a victory for 3-1 over Jamaica. Además de sus apariciones en los Mundiales de 2014 y 2018, también representó a Mexico en la Copa Confederaciones de la FIFA en 2013 y 2017 y en la Copa América Centenario en 2016.

The midfielder also shared his last match with the Athletic de Madrid and the Spanish club desperately with an emotivo homenaje at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, taking the 1-1 win over Sevilla.

“The only thing that aggravates me, the habeas corpus aqua has a suede for me. If it’s a placer be part of this equipo, with great juggernauts and great people. Oppa Athletic “, DJ HH.

Acquired with the information of Radio Marca de España, the Colchoneros tienen en la mira a Guido Rodríguez, to sustain al Zorro, the mediocre exaggeration of the Águilas of the Americas, which actually militia in the Real Betis de España.

  • The data: The footballing instinct of football is not the same as all the major leagues of the world.

More than 80 million fans of the Copa del Mundo

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of External Relations, asserted that at least 80 million Mexicans were living in Qatar 2022 supporting the Tricolor in the first Copa del Mundo.

The concealer of the connoisseur is informed by the opening of the new opening of the Embassy of Qatar in Mexico, the event in which it was held by Mohammad Alkuwari, the ambassador of Qatar.

“We expect that there is probably 80 million or more of Mexicans and Mexicans in the world of Qatar”, indicates Ebrard Casaubón in the conference of the princes.

For the second time, the Secretariat of External Relations reconciles the labor force because Alkuwari has the moment to fortify the relationship between Mexico and Qatar.

“Yes, there is a great friend and activist for bilateral relations. I know that symbolizing this instability is the interchange between Mexico and Qatar to create a very good relationship, because there is no special reason for not having more todos los sentidos ”.