Quality at affordable prices at the new Mexican Art Fair IMAF.

Mexico City.

AAs a stronghold of both established and emerging young artists and a virtual window to the world, “for investors, collectors, Dealer, Gallery owners or patrons looking for talent or good prices. Thus Diego Bernardini explained the new Mexican Art Festival, the International Mexican Art Festival (IMAF), the first virtual edition of which will take place from 18 to 21 November.

The founder of the initiative explained in an interview. Excelsior, Which arises in response to the crisis caused by epidemics in the artistic community, “which was greatly affected in Mexico because there was no government support.”

He confirms that the purpose of the meeting is to “showcase Mexico’s talents internationally and promote the collection, connecting Chinese actors.” We seek to reactivate the country’s cultural agenda during the fall and activate the economy of artists, collectives, galleries and workshops that need a platform to spread their work.

The promoter insists that they want to “break the myth, break the taboo, that standard art should be expensive, so that the visitor can see a large list of cheap works in one place. Art is for everyone and It’s important to share. “

For this reason, it will cost 50 paise to enter the IMAF website, “as a collector, buyer, art lover, student or general public”. And get a stand up There are many options and fees, he says.

For a budding artist, it costs 6,000 paise if he exhibits 40 works, and 8,000 paise if he uploads 60 pieces, which he can earn from the sale of one. A stable artist with a 40-year career, he will pay 10,000 to 12,000 depending on the number of pieces. For the most famous or sacred, the price will be between 14,000 to 16,000 paise. And galleries or workshops, with more works by different artists, will pay 20,000 to 30,000 paise per stand up“Depends on the volume,” he added.

Bernardini explained that he already has about 60 certified artists. “We are in the middle, because we want to offer about 120 to 120 authors and 20 galleries or workshops. 98% are Mexican artists. There will be work on different techniques: painting, drawing, sculpture, painting, costing 500 or one. From a thousand bucks to a million dollars, for all budgets.

He adds that, in addition to seeing in practice. standing, Netizen will be able to access various conferences, capsules and discussions on topics such as art, investment and heritage. How, where and with whom to restore the bad work. How to conduct an auction, among other topics related to the industry, such as serography, lithography or engraving, or where works of art can be valued.

There will also be charitable auctions and special events for the public. To meet and greet Space with artists The web It will be active for 120 days from its opening date. Only additional activities, such as conferences and auctions, will be the official dates of the festival from 18 to 21 November.

In addition to pieces by young artists, you can also compliment creators such as Rufino Tamio, David Alfaro Saciros, Leonora Carrington, Manuel Felgorez, Pedro Friedberg, Matthias Gueritz, Freda Cahlo, Francisco Toledo, Fernando Coutinho, Fernando Coutinho Are Marines, among others.

With an initial investment of 200 1.2 million, he explained, there are about 15 people behind the organization in this virtual edition. “The idea is that in 2022 it will be held face to face at the City Benamex Auditorium. Of course, it will require 2 to 3 million budgets and about 150 people. But it is more cultural than a profitable project, which is medium or long. It can be a term business.

The important thing is to support the dreams of the artists, so that they can live a better life, so that they do not struggle financially. It cleans up society a little bit, because art fills our eyes, fills our souls and gives us peace. “

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