Question Time: How to watch RMT’s Mick Lynch appear tonight


iona Bruce will present the BBC’s question time tonight from Stratford-upon-Avon.

She will guide the panel and the studio audience, including today’s hot talk points, including the ongoing train strikes.

McLynch, general secretary of the National Union of Railways, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), will be a guest on the panel.

Rail workers are still on strike for the second day after the June 21 walkout. Saturday’s planned industrial action– Ready to move on.

Lynch told Sky News: “It’s a difficult task. It will take a lot of progress to get there. [Saturday’s] Strike off I can’t see it happening from where I am today, but we will work constructively with the companies.

About 40,000 union members are on strike over the ongoing dispute over cuts in unemployment and real-time salaries.

Lynch will definitely face tough questions from studio audiences at tonight’s question time, especially as YouGov data shows Most people are more than supportive of strikes..

So who else will be on the panel tonight and how can viewers tune in?

Who is on question tonight?

The panel will include RMT General Secretary McLinch, who is in the midst of an ongoing train strike.

Other panelists will be Rachel McLean, Conservative MP and Home Office Secretary of Defense, Nick Thomas Symonds, Labor MP and Shadow Secretary for International Trade. Ann Bowden MBE, founder and chief executive officer of Starling Bank; And Ben Habib, chief executive of First Property Group and former Bridget Party MEP.

How to view question time

Question Time will be broadcast on BBC One tonight from 10.40pm to 11.40pm. It will be available to stream on iPlayer Live and will be available to watch from scratch immediately after the show ends. It will also be broadcast on BBC Two at 1.40am on Monday.

Question Hour airs every Wednesday at 10.40pm on BBC One.

Next week’s question time will be hosted at Inverness. To apply to be in the studio audience, Apply through the BBC’s online form., Or by calling 0330 123 9988. All applicants should be provided with two questions to consider in the show.