Questions raised as sandwich festivals will be funded by unspent Corona virus funds.

Questions have been raised over Sandwell Council’s approval of the use of unspent Corona virus recovery funds to promote projects, amid claims of a “lack of scrutiny”. The report was presented this week.

A. The cabinet report was presented to the Sandwell Council this week. To use part of the Corona Virus Recovery Fund to close the gap in adult social care and child services. To accomplish this, a total of £ 8 million in Corona virus rehabilitation funds will be used by the local Labor-led local authority, as well as funding other projects.

Their details include £ 985,882 spent this fiscal year. Child Services Budget Suggestions. The council also hopes that one Backlog of adult social care casesDue to service delays during epidemics, a total of £ 905,000 for the remainder of the fiscal year.

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The council has pledged up to £ 1 million as a Corona Virus Community Fund to bid for voluntary organizations. The council agreed to keep 2 2m of unspent recovery funds as a flexible fund in the event of further corona virus restrictions.

But Local Democracy understands the reporting service. Some of the projects on the list Corona virus rehabilitation funds include £ 30,000 for the LGBT + month ‘Rainbow Festival’, including staff costs over a two-year period. The council hopes the recovery fund will spend 40 40,000 on marketing materials for the three festivals, including this year’s Winter Festival and a literary festival.

The council also hopes to use £ 240,000 Corona virus recovery funds for “professional fees, legal and procurement advice” to advance West Bromwich and Grove Lane master plans, despite West Bromwich’s plans لیے 25 million can be raised from the Towns Fund.

Approximately £ 400 million has already been received to build several Brownfield sites around Grove Lane into 5,160 new homes, including the new Midlands Metropolitan Hospital. According to the Sandwell Council, the justification for spending is to avoid returning to the government, which still has funds for the rehabilitation of the corona virus.

The cabinet report states that the Sandwell Council received حکومت 9 million from the government in the form of an administrative fund for the spread of the corona virus. It also received three tranches of Corona Virus Emergency Funds totaling 25.7 million.

The council says it expects £ 22 million in funding for this fiscal year, of which £ 5.1 million is already committed, leaving a ‘non-committed’ balance of £ 16.9 million. Is left

The report states: “While funding is not fenced, the council must report on how it is spent and the cowardly pressure for which the funds are used. Better levels of cod infection and national. Given the impact on the surface, it is recommended that the remaining funding be used for a code restoration strategy.

“To focus on services where there is a lack of work either due to the effects of epidemics, or where residents / businesses need additional help to recover from the long-term effects of Quidditch.” It is known that if a new type emerges, a ratio should be set aside for further restrictions.

Addressing the cabinet meeting, Councilor Bob Piper, representing the Abbey Ward, said the funds would be used to increase “public health activities”.

“During the COVID-19 epidemic, the central government provided funds to all local authorities to help reduce the cost pressures that could result from the epidemic, but also to reduce revenue and increase public health activities. Even for need.

“We have tried to use the principles of the ‘Ferrer Sandwell’ to recognize that the epidemic has exacerbated inequality for people throughout the region. Covers a variety of service areas, including child services, adult social care, business support, and digital inclusion.

“The leadership team will also continue to explore unsubsidized corporate priorities that may be appropriate to provide funding from Covid 19’s funding.”

Conservative Councilor J. Anando, who sits on the audit committee, said: Approved.A lack of a fund of this importance and consequent allocation scrutiny?

“Do all these allocations come under Cove Recovery Projects? Why?” [were] There was no verification process for members. [sic] Followed here? ”

A Sandwell Council spokesman said: “The epidemic of exacerbation has exacerbated inequalities across the borough and the Cove Recovery Fund aims to help the services, businesses and residents most affected in two years. Are

“The results of the projects vary: from tackling service backlogs caused by Kowid to supporting local businesses in our towns and parks and improving physical activity.”

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