Rangers can find Morelos 2.0 in Algeria.

Rangers chief Ross Wilson could face a tough decision on Alfredo Morellos’ future in the January transfer window.

Last month, Columbine admitted he was considering exiting Abrox after failing to secure a transfer to the summer window. Interest From Porto

he said: “I am calm and I am a young player, I hope to be given a chance to leave soon.

“I’ve already been a champion here at Rangers, I’ve made history and we hope that happens; a chance to come out the best.”

This suggests that Rangers may need to go to the market to find an alternative to Morelos in the next transfer window, possibly in January, if a club comes up with a serious offer for it. Her comments suggest that if someone is born, she will be anxious to find an opportunity to leave, and as a result Wilson will be exposed to potentially disruptive influences in the dressing room. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

The Colombian international has done a great job with the Scottish giants and has proven himself to be a reliable goal scorer. To this day, he has. 99 Goals and 45 help 196. A competitive match for the Rangers, which means he has scored one goal in every 1.36 games for the club.

Steven Gerrard could make a crucial decision that could save Wilson from the distribution of millions in the transfer market. He can free 19-year-old academy striker Juan Algeria to detect Morelos 2.0. FC Honka in the summer.

Should Gerard set Algeria free?





Former Gers defender Alan Hutton has claimed that Rangers see Algeria as a ‘great skill’ and have placed their trust in the club’s scouting system.

he said: “I think we all know that the scouting system has worked well in the Rangers so they clearly see a promising, great talent and he is only 18 years old so bringing in and developing this team Will be.

“They have a good chance and I have confidence in the Rangers scouting team because they have done a great job in the past,” he said. It’s not bad yet so we have to support them.

The young man scored. Seven goals in 28 overs With matches for Honka’s senior and youth teams. 24. He also has a Colombian appearance in the senior squad. Youth International, Which also highlights his potential as a player, while following in the footsteps of his compatriot. Morelos By Finland exchange for Abrox.

Therefore, Gerard could potentially save millions in the transfer market by replacing the 25-year-old with his compatriot. He could add Algeria to the first team and develop him as a natural replacement for Morelos, which would mean the Rangers would have to pay a hefty fee to sign a new contract to replace the latter. not required.

And in other news, Gerard Masterclass: The “Special” Rangers animal has seen its price increase by 1,233% since 2019.

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