Ray Fossey, the catcher Pat Rose, was killed in an All-Star Game and died.

Ray fossa, Recipient Big leagues., Which began to gain popularity when it was shot. Belly rose He died during the 1970 All-Star Game. He was 74 years old.

His wife, Carol Fosse, 51, died Wednesday after a 16-year battle with cancer, his wife Carol Fosse said in an online statement.

Fossey was a talent for Cleveland when he made his first All-Star team in 1970 at the age of 23, when he hit .307 with 18 home runs and was the first of two Gold Glosses to throw away 55% of the robbery effort. Won

In fact, it started to shine when Rose attacked Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium for a winning run in the 12th inning..

Fosse had a left shoulder fracture and dislocation. In a statement 45 years later, in 2015, he said his body was still in pain..

F.Aws made his second and final All-Star team in 1971, in a 12-year career with the Cleveland, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners and Milwaukee Brewers..

He hit .256 with 61 home runs in 924 games and helped the Athletics win the World Series in 1973 and 1974.

After the day of his gamers ended, Foss became a popular broadcaster for athletics starting in 1986, and worked for part of the 2021 season..


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