Reacts to the all-time classic triangular fight between The Tyson Fury and Donte Wilder.

Hollywood star DwayneRockJohnson reacted in the midst of the epic trilogy. Tyson Fury And Donte Wilder.. On Twitter, The Rock congratulated Fury on a resounding victory and handed over his hat to Wilder for showing the heart of a true champion during the fight.

The actor added that he was impressed with the performances of both Fury and Wilder at night. He also claimed that this was one of the biggest battles he had ever seen.

“It was the biggest fight I’ve ever seen # 1. The bronze bomber has it. I was impressed with both men tonight.”

It was the biggest fight I’ve ever seen.
# 1.
# 2.
And No. 1 is invincible.
Congratulations to my friend and champion. ys Tyson_Fury
What a beautiful and flexible performance.
What a “shield” heart ron bronze bomber Is.
I was impressed with both men tonight.
# FuryWilder3.

Before the fight, Dwayne Johnson’s former colleague Mark Calloway, better known by his pseudonym The Undertaker, sent his best wishes to The Gypsy King. Tyson Fury wore the famous Undertaker hat in formal weights as a tribute to the retired professional wrestler.

Tyson Fury recovers from early knockdown and violently eliminates Donte Wilder in Trivandrum

Tyson Fury overcame the odds of defeating Donte Wilder in a triangular fight on October 9 at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. After initially dominating the action, Wilder fed Fouri the canvas on two occasions in the fourth round. Tyson looked shocked and injured, but somehow ended the round.

He then stepped on the gas and started the wave in his favor by outboxing ‘The Bronze Bomber’. Towards later rounds, Wilder was apparently gassed because the anger turned to crime. While Wilder’s fists were full of power, they came very little and very far. In the final stages of the fight, Rosh pulls Wilder out of the temple with his right hook, sending him the first face on the canvas.

In a heavyweight championship fight – five knockouts, multiple speed swings – Tyson Fury retained his title with a brutal 11th round of Donte Wilder. The story of ESPN continues. # FuryWilder3. From Las…

After the fight, Rosh revealed that Wilder refused to bury Hatchet with him.

“Well done,” I said. “I don’t want to show any sport or honor,” he said. I said, no problem! [I was] Very surprised, loser, a fool. ”


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