Rebecca Vardy believes sexism was involved in Wagata Christie coverage

Rebecca Vardy said she thought there was “a lot of sexism” in the coverage of her “Wagata Christie” legal battle against Coleen Rooney.

In her first televised interview since losing the libel case, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy shared her thoughts on the case and how it has affected her personally.

Last week, Vardy, 40, lost a libel case against Rooney, 36, over a viral social media post after a High Court judge ruled it was “essentially true.”

In her first interview since the ruling, Vardy spoke to TalkTV’s Kate McCann about how she felt the case had been presented in a “misogynistic manner”.

McCann asked if she thought the media scrutiny of how she and Rooney dressed during the trial was influenced by sexism, to which Vardy replied, “Absolutely – it was all presented in such a misogynistic way.”

Vardy noted that she doesn’t think Johnny Depp’s clothes were subjected to the same scrutiny during his recent high-profile legal battle with Amber Heard.

She added: “It just seems like women are not allowed to defend themselves. Women are not allowed to dress nicely. Yes, there’s a lot of sexism in that.”

Vardy also reflected on how this has affected her personally since the original post in 2019, admitting that there were times when she felt she “didn’t even want to be here anymore.”

She added: “It felt like the worst feeling but at the same time I had these feelings, the feeling that I shouldn’t feel like this because it was a failure for me and it wasn’t an option for me to be like this. for the benefit of the children most of all.”

Ex I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! a participant has previously revealed that she has been hospitalized twice for mental illness and feels she is likely suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It seems that the judge simply read what was written in the media and took on their narrative bias.Rebecca Vardy during an interview with TalkTV

Reflecting on the possibility of her returning to medication, she added, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, if it helps, I’ll take it because I think everyone should know their strengths and weaknesses and point out when they need to.” ask for help.”

The controversy began in 2019 when Rooney shared a post saying she had run a months-long “special operation” and accused Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her personal life to the press.

The wife of former England star Wayne Rooney has publicly stated that Vardy’s account was the source of three articles in The Sun newspaper with fake details that she posted on her personal Instagram stories.

Vardy denied leaking the stories to the media and sued Rooney for defamation, with both women attending a week-long trial in the High Court in London in May, which attracted huge press attention.

Speaking to TalkTV, Vardy admitted that she regrets that the dispute has gone this far, but has constantly confirmed that she still believes she is innocent.

She added that she was “disappointed” with the outcome of the lawsuit, saying, “I didn’t expect things to go this way, but I think we had a judge who didn’t understand the case and didn’t look at everything.

“It feels like the judge just read what was written in the media and took on their narrative bias.”

Vardy also revealed that at no time did her legal team warn her not to go ahead with the case, adding: “Because they know I didn’t, and that’s the exact reason why I went on for so long and I will say, that he didn’t do it until he was blue in the face.”

She added that she harbors “no ill will” towards Rooney, but believes that if she had witnessed another footballer’s wife receiving the stream of online abuse she received, she would have intervened.

“I would say, ‘Whatever I said, what she did, she doesn’t deserve, and her family doesn’t deserve to be treated the way they did.’

She continued, “Because if someone is abusing her now, if someone is sending her some horrible messages or her family some horrible messages, they just need to stop because no one deserves to be abused like this on any level.”