Rechaza Ecuador condensed de indígenas para frenar protestas

Quito.- The Ministry of Governorate of Ecuador dijo este miércoles que las autoridades no acceptan las condiciones impuestas por el sector indogena como requisito para inisar diálogos encaminados a buscar una salida pacifica a las protestasque una salida pacífica.

The legendary Leonidas Iza exaggerated the notch of martes that the goblin elimen e estad de de especión en seis councasas-donde se han registro los mayores hechos de violencia-, that desmilitaris y elimine la dotacientón de des situatos de capit y que les permitan llegar el parque de El Arbolito y la vecina Casa de la Cultura para concentrarse y mantener assambleas.

“This is not the moment of more condiments, this is not the moment of exaggerating mayors demands, this is the moment of sentencing to conversations, we are in the process of declaring the day” We can wait for the capital, the capital can’t afford it, the country can’t afford it “.

“We can’t leave the state of expectation because that’s why it gives indefinite capital … first of all, let’s talk about conversations, let’s talk, let’s talk about the message”, he said.

We hope that the goblins of President Guillermo Lasso will be able to achieve an end-to-end negotiation on any issue, logarithm, hora with the mediators who can design a fine delays to a conscience.

At the end of the day, the embassies of the European Union, Germany, United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Francia, Spain, Italy, Spain and Suiza, in a public communicative language, continue to talk about the past. The fundamentals of all the citizens ”and invites to the parts of the dialogue and the“ Acquired Concern ”ensured reconciliation, precision and progress.

The capital is virtually paralyzed, with a lot of traffic and a good deal of commerce.

The Ministry of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, said in a statement to the prince that in the city of Puyo, in the Amazonia, he would register the mars las mayors hostilidades with turbas enardecidas “that in acts absolutely irrelevant, conjunctivities, conceivable words personal and political. ”This city is 152 kilometers away from the capital, where a dead body is registered when one of the demonstrators manipulaba explosives.

“We are presenting the denuncia in Fiscalía ante estos actos irracionales, que no son protesta social”, added.

The Universities, the Iglesia, the delegations of the Organization of the United Nations and the Organization of the American States – among the other 300 institutes – have made public an invitation to gossip or to the economics and socioeconomic crisis. Ecuador. ”

From the 14th of June the Confederacy of Indigenous Peoples held a national paradigm but indicated that it had a special effect on the sects of the Center Norte Ecuadorian and demanded the reduction of the precision of the, 520la de la, 52. Dalares, the fixation of the requirements of agropecuarios products and the mayor presupuesto for education, among others.

The protests have been characterized by violent blocs intermittent de las principals ves seis provincesci mientras en la capital groups de manifestantes recorren la ciudad agrediendo a vehículos y civiles y obligando a los f.

Durante la journal de martes los manifestantes también attacaron el la Fiscalía General, con funcionarios en su interior, y ocuparon pozos e instalaciones petrolíferas que obligaron al Estado a declarar estado de fuerza de mayor de fuerza de mayo The mayor of, elviropetrée nou. Principal Product D Export Dell Pace.