Recommendation to the Senate for urgent reforms to guarantee justice and protection of the LGBTIQ community +

In the Senate, we reconcile that is urgently needed Legal Reforms necesarias para Guarantee justice and protection de los integrantes de la Comunidad LGBTIQ +The way that life and love are not motivated by discrimination and odor.

The opening l Parliament Juvenil LGBTIQ + 2022L Vice President de la Kumara upside down, Jose Narrow CespedesIt was clear that Mexico needed to reconcile and allow a different discourse.

Refer to any of the registers You will be assessed for the opposite Friends of the LGBTIQ community +, for those who can help the event they watch a minute of silence for all the victims in Mexico.

The senator has more records than ever Constant non-tolerance and lack of respect The publicity groups of the publicity, because they are prompted by legislation to reduce the need to guarantee the security of this sector.

“It’s more urgent that we don’t take the cabo.” Legal reforms and policies secured to guarantee justice y la Protection for people LGBTIQ +. With all this cuisine, we have to guarantee that Mexico is a place of respect, deals and guarantees For all and for all, since we have life, property and forms of life, there is no motivation for discrimination or odor ”, subrayó.

In the case of the President of the Mesa Directorate of the Senate, Olga Sanchez CorderoWho wants a video message that will help them reconcile the diversity in Mexico.

“The transformation of society for Take a Mexican more inclusivewhich reconciles the pleasures diversidad de la nación And the idea that this representation would be a priority for all political parties. For this reason, it is safe to assume that the Legislative Council, in general, and the Legislative Council, in particular, will resonate with the ideas and debates that will be made in this first Parliamentary Juvenil LGBTIQ + ”, expressed.

Ciudadano senadora de Movimiento, Patricia MercadoOrganizer of this parliament, record that there is a long list of legislative relations with the attention of the community LGBTIQ +, as the initiative to present the initiative that has been going on for months Prohibit mal lamadas therapeutic conversions.

See what the last reticences that have come to the federal to evangelize in distant temas in the material, the proposition is “expose and abbreviate” para Get the benefits and initiatives to the states.

“Mexico has a lot to recover for deshacerse de los prejuiciosestigmas que nos impiden reconocernos, nos falta mucho para que ninguna persona en este país tenga que esconder su identidad u orientación por miedo to be violent or to have a public institute or private act with the velo of the discrimination and the odd, to have no person at sea treat, like a cudadana or a civadadano de segunda, to be able to be orgulos, exporólomas ”his part, the coordinates la bancada emecista, Clemente Castañeda.

El Sandor Eduardo RamírezD Morenaindicating that the adherents of the initiation of conversion therapy, part of the probationary period of the ordinance session debating other assumptions, as the guarantee is not the only solution LGBTIQ + candidacy, sino que se garantice su llegada al cargo.

“We are in the context of the Political electoral reformsThis is because the context of inclusion does not include the candidacy of candidates, not only the guarantee of the saccharine, but also the point of the legacy, if we guarantee the legacy of the stature we will create an inclusion.

These are the great retrospectives of political-electoral reform, the first to be fundamental, the second to be in the senate Congresssino de los partidos ”, expresó.