Reflections on local recaudation – Meczyki

Auditor Superior de la Federation

The escalator of the local recaudatory, like the municipalities, depends not only on the new economic development of the city, but also on the culture culture and the exercise of fiscal responsibility. Hay states that, independently of the number of contributors, depends more on the escalative recuador that realizes and the fiscal responsibility in the public gastrointestinal tract, regardless of the gastrointestinal tract. The new municipal has more important exercises, which include relevant relevant participants; in Oaxaca, for example, in the goblide of Heladio Ramírez, in the cueudados participating in the exercises on the mannequin of the resource, there is a price to be paid with the contracted bargain. Participate in the creation not only of the obesity that is necessary, but also in the future of new generations.

For the most part, the degree of development is very different in each city, the number of municipalities is variant. For example, in the Baja Californians there was once, at Tabasco 17, in Guerrero 81 and in Oaxaca 570. Guerrero had to have a system of coordination Ingreso Gasto with the 17 municipalities of the Simonona, in the international community. y who ello abatieron el costo de las calificaciones. Restructuring their deuts without retrieving private enterprises, since there is a coordination between the haciendarius authorities – UCEF and the INDETEC – which will be very important at the moment. Zeferino Torreblanca got a plantear a controversy between the municipality vs. the state, because of the conflict with the state, that the state did not have the correct displays of free speech displays, like the President of the Municipal of Acapulco, but it was too late.

The municipalities do not have good recuperators; Claro, there are so many honorable exceptions, because he thought he had a costly political cobra. Recorded in the title of UCEF in this seagull, I visited a group of municipalities of Guerrerons, of the municipalities that were asking questions or their preconceived notions of cost. ”, Was the best way to get the goblins out of the other side or play a game that a gobernador of the northern part of the country called the“ fiscal patrolling ”: that the federation or the states are missing

Claro says that it is not easy, about all the moments of high inflation or the current of PIB, without embargo, hay que hacerlo. Existence a costly generalization of those responses in the new subnational or local, not to mention the implications that the correspondence, including the personal ones: in a moment of revision of the declarations of deprivations. We are still alone, and find out with a sigh that inclusus something else that has not been registered. This is a good cruise that has lost its transparency. Yes, for example, the financier of the Disciplinary Council is able to hold extraordinary talks in the house, but the quails will not be discreetly entertained, without the respect of the Congress.

He realized that the states depended on the 95 of them because of the federal transfers, the quails would be taxed by the superior auditor of the federation.

Dentro de los estados que best recaudan, destacan tres, que son: la Ciudad de Mexico, 44.6 por ciento; Chihuahua, 23.1 por ciento, and Nuevo León, 20.8 por ciento, mintras que las tres entidades con más baja recaudación son: Guerrero, 2.4 por ciento; Oaxaca, 4.4 per ciento, and Chiapas, 5.0 per ciento.