Refugee students on a historic visit to the Jewelry Quarter highlight its hidden gems

From the graves of Muslims buried in the Christian cemetery to the ancient Aboriginal relationships. On the occasion of Refugee Week, a local jewelery historian took refuge students from around the world on a tour hidden in the heart of the Jewelry Quarters.

J. Avelier Quarter Academy students join the governor and historian Josie Wall to walk the historic trails from Warston Cemetery to the famous Chamberlain Clock. The school is recognized as a ‘Refugee Welcome’ with more than 40 different languages ​​spoken by the students.

Approximately five students from countries such as Afghanistan and Ukraine took part in the ‘Refugee Walk’ through the Jewelry Quarter, which was held at various locations to discuss stories of migration and global contacts, such as Warloan’s tomb at Warston Cemetery. ۔

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Warlon was a native of Birmingham, South Australia, in 1844, between the ages of 10 and 12. It was brought by the English explorer Edward Eyre with the intention of integrating it into ‘civilized’ British society.

As students listened closely to the stories of those people throughout the jewelry quarter’s history, Josie Wall, who is part of the Jewelry Quarter Cemeteries project, explained the meaning behind each gem.

Warwall’s burial place, an aborigine who came to Birmingham in 1844 via Edward Eyre, an English explorer, with the intention of integrating into a ‘civilized’ British society.
(Photo: Anisa Vista / Birmingham Live)

He told Birmingham Live: “By working on heritage projects in the Jewelry Quarter, I have been able to work with the school and become a governor. They have a history around them and I would like to teach them a few things so that they can Find out where they are.

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“But it’s also Refugee Week so we’ve talked about migration stories and all the connections to the world of the Jewel Quarter. For example, we have an Australian buried in the Jewel Quarter here and Other relics of history are attached. In different cultures and places of the world. “

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Josie talking to immigrant students at the Jewelry Quarter about migration history stories and global connections
(Photo: Anisa Vista / Birmingham Live)

“Some of these things will be a big surprise for the kids and they will be really happy to see them involved,” he added.

One of the amazing places for students was the graves of Muslims hidden in Hill Cemetery, a Christian burial ground. Three Indian Muslims were buried in the area after an air raid caused by a wall of sandbags falling in the 1940s.

The walk was celebrated as Refugee Week, which runs from June 20 to June 26, with celebrations taking place across the city.

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