Reglas que están chuecas – Meczyki

This is almost like a verano, but we are considering the public education in Mexico as a list of vacations. Buena part of the nieces, nephews and nieces (NNJ) de nestro país siguen perdendo terreno en el ejercicio de sus derechos, día tras día, por la negligencia, la soberbia y la inacción deplorable deplorable.

Permittam trar unos ejemplos a cuento; no son ancdotas, even the individual tragedy is supreme by the first that we ate and revert… the differences that led me to refer to him were more to despair. Here it is, because its universal case does not have much graves, its more insidious and removable details.

Primro: El cierre del ciclo escolar. Not to mention a coherent strategy of recuperation and reforming for the las and the alumni traces the excerpt of the prolonged prolongation, the fact that the accuracy of the Federal Fuel Extender some semantics of the same. ¿A concerted strategy, material, compatible for the nucleus? No. A diagnostic evaluation, one of the recommendations for the Technician Consultations (the reunions of some veterans who are always looking for a recapitular and planar in each of the new schools of the country), of the new language. The misconception that -con sangre fría and to advance the megalomania presidial- estuvo a punto de exterminar por completo la ampliación de las jornadas, incongruentemente, sí amplió el calendario. “To compensate for the loss.” There is no change in the calculations, there is no proposition that this will happen.

Ahora, in a good part of the country, not knowing all the activations to realize July, and the alumni and friends of Moldican because of the fact that it is a plant, but not all of them. The proactives are, in their inner circle, thinking in camponatas, talleres, more active and creative activities que which superimposes, implies tanto or more preparation than the typical plane; The men, the agobiados, the disconnected, tended to the most of the mes que that falta, resign to the que viene será el aburrimiento y la indisciplina.

And there are alumni of va bien, comparable with those of the states that, incapaces de lograr que sus escuelas estén seguras o sequiera con posibilidades de atención, best se fueron por la facil y decirciaronés de decirciarónes. At the same time, it is very important to know that it is necessary to remediate the lessons learned, better to transfer to the families the problem of time that they do not approve.

For the sake of, the investigation of “Equidad and Regreso” that we are in the first place in Mexico and the day that we always defended the data in the specs of UNESCO, UNICEF and Banco Mundial, but not at the end of the day, Apart from the typical lectures and metamatics, there are 0.6 deviations present, equivalent to two grades of scales, to avoid all distractions, and 0.36 deviations from extravagant adventures to those who come. The certification, in the same investigation, which has been added to the school has a very positive and meaningful effect on the learning log. Don’t try to be an appellant in school, but a day without appendices is a day robed to its vidas, in the present, and exponentially in its future.

The time is crucial for the apprentices, and another great adventure at the time of the girls and the boys are the new regalas of the operation of La Escuela es Nuestra, the Acuerdo 08/04/22 Posted in the Official Diary of the Federation. The “Nuestra” is not, or at least not the children, pus-a pesar de la sep se vio compelida judicially a presentar nuevas reglas de operación, porce sencillamente desaparecía la jornada ampliada y la alimentación de que la sep se vio, cada Consejo School of Administrative Participation (an equipo that represents the families) has been defined as the vulgar genus of the limpara: it has three options-alignment, horror extension or infrastructure-based lapos. On the other hand, a trampoline for those escalas whose eligibility would be poner patios of cement, and in the tumba of the ideal of an envelope school amplyada. Hasta las reglas son chuecas, y no hay que permitirlo. We are still roaming around the young generation.