Republic remembers azotada by letal sismo in Afghanistan

Gyan.- A replica reminds us that there is a regiment of this in Afghanistan, two days after a potential sismo that convinced us about the barracks of the barracks in the escorts and more than 150 dead mortals.

The Meteorological Department of Pakistan reported a magnitude 4.2 increase in the number of Afghans who, with the notice of the state of Bakhtar, are more likely to be affected by the disturbance of Gayan. 11 personalities.

The country, home to 38 million inhabitants, was living or an economic crisis that included millions of people in poverty, with more than a million children living in remote areas.

The magnitude 6 of the miraculous trees, which he produces at the tip of the nostrils, meets the gente dormía, and gives miles of sobriety without a fight in the refugiarce, the most majestic of the ancient creations of the pass. Afghanistan is tired of the international monetary system and the agencies of Ayuda lamentan tenacious that pagar al personal local con bolsas de efectivo entregadas en mano ya las demás naciones SE niegan a tratar directly with el Taliana.

Organizations such as Media Luna Roja local or the World Program of the Elements have intervened to help the most vulnerable families with comics and other emerging articles, such as loans and colloquialisms for dormitories in the province of the province of Columbia. in the province of Pástikótelíostráodel,, and in the Región region of Jost.

But the residents of Paris are in great meditation solo to haunt the frontiers of tragedy, while the new goblins are Taliban and the international community is inspired by the hassle of fighting Ayuda. The defining state of the montage carriers that led to the zoning of the most castigad empire debied to the seasons or the luvias. Los aldeanos han estado enterrando a sus muertos y buscando sobrevivientes entre los escombros con sus propias manos.

The director of the Taliban, D’Bakhtar, said that it is clear that there were only a few hundred people in the country from the prevailing reports of the millennium. See Abdul Wahid Rayan, more than 600 people with more results.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs situated the number of mortal victims in 770.

It was not clear how the cell was realized, it gave the specifications to adjust to the zone and to communicate with the local effects. Get rid of the two ciphers to convert the sesame into the most lethal of the registers in the last two decadas.

The median states reported that 3 million live queries were lost or present graves. In the district of Gayan, at least a thousand houses present destroys, we have about 800 in the district of Spera, in the province of Jost.

Even in other parts of the world the modern edifices supporting the magnitude 6, the constructs of Afghans with the barrel of the bar and the montage propenses at the expense of those who are still there.

The carcasses are very difficult to get to the other parts of the district of Gayan from the capital, Kabul.

Aldeas de Gayan that the Associated Press reporters from Durante Horas the Juveves, the families who have left the nostrils behind the Lambia bajo the Lluvia A sus seres queridos. The Taliban fighters circulated in the veins, but only a few fuchsia vistos ayudando sacar los escombros.

This indicates the presumption of the macinar pesada: only from the transport of an excavator. Circulating some ambulances, but the survivors have more aids. One of her children, Gayan Lloraba, had a conversation with her father, her two husbands and her husband. Ól escapes from the ruins of his house and refuses with his veins.

Much of the association of ayuda internacionales abandonaron país cuando el Talibán tomó el poder el pasado agosto. We are pleased to announce the release of medical administrations, comedy and campaign campaigns for the remote regulation of the system, achieving the molecular carriers of Montaña. The ONU infantry agencies have a deficit of 3 million dollars to finance its operations in the country.

Germany and Norway, among other countries, announced that they would help the auxiliaries, but subrayans that deal very simply with the ONU agencies, not with the Taliban, because they did not communicate with each other. The paranoid allusions of the critics of this process were completely substantiated.

The International Committee of Rescue has the emergence of sanitary equipments in the two provinces for the first time in Brindar Ayodhya and says that it is effectively effective among the families that have passed their cases and their subsistence mediation. The ONG, which is present in Afghanistan since 1988, provided an international platform to liberate the reservations of the country.

Ascension to power by the Taliban, the United States of America prepares for the retreat of its tropes, as President Goe Biden concedes to the connoisseur of 9 million 500 million dollars that are worthless. The new Governors to pay attention to the functions and imports.

Afghanistan receives cargoes with comida and other basic products from Pakistan, and aids with humanitarian aid from Iran and Qatar. India invites humanitarian aid and a technical equipment to Kabul to coordinate the ayuda, which is said to be an agency of the ONU on the terrain or the media Luna Roja Afghana.

In the province of Paktiká, the terracotta sacudió una región pobre, donde los residentses se ganan la vida a duras penas en la pocas zonas fertiles entre las áridas montañas.

There are several prototypes for the ONU, among others, which can be found in 97% of the publicity, and the sample is 40%.