Republicans are busy attacking refugees to remember who negotiated with the Taliban.

As it began in Afghanistan on Wednesday morning, there were still thousands of Americans and American allies unable to catch a flight outside the country. Despite earlier talks and reassurances from Taliban leaders The Washington Post. There are reports that those trying to get to Kabul Airport have nothing but an easy route. Although the United States and other countries are continuing evacuation flights and reportedly increasing the speed of these flights, the Taliban have set up checkpoints from which Afghans trying to flee have been threatened with retreat. Or has been beaten.

The TFG, meanwhile, made a special appearance on Fox News on Tuesday evening, explaining that it had nothing to do with the events in Afghanistan, and that it did not know any of them. That includes former Afghan presidents. Muhammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. “Now, I really, have never trusted Ghani much,” TFG told Fox. I said this openly and plainly.

Yes, TFG should have meant the same thing when it said in December 2019 that Ghani: “He was great.” Or when sent a tweet in November “Thanks to President Ghani for his courageous support. “Obviously everyone failed to get” complete bullying “in these statements.

Of course, TFG could talk about another rich man – Abdul Rich brother. He will be the Taliban leader who pressured Pakistan to release him from prison, and then acted as a key partner in negotiations to hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban. Either way, it sounds like a significant change in lyrics.

Of course, he is not the only one. Two days ago, the Republicans removed it. This page From their official website.

Now delete the GOP page praising Trump.
Now the page has been deleted, praising Trump’s deal with the Taliban.

As of Wednesday morning, US flights had evacuated about 200,200 people from Afghanistan. In addition, 2,000 Afghans immigrated to the United States as “special immigrants.” There are still about 11,000 people in Afghanistan who have identified themselves as Americans and more than 80,000 Afghans have tried to evacuate. Some of them are going to Europe. The Germans have also set up a “shuttle service” for flights between and between Kabul. Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. The plan is for most of them to be flown to Germany later, but a temporary halt in Tashkent allows the planes to recycle faster.

Naturally, as the Republicans have expelled the perpetrators to end their relationship with Afghanistan, they have moved to their most comfortable position: humiliating refugees and immigrants. Newsmax host Steve Curtis’ tweet did not respond as expected, as more than 10,000 people said they would welcome refugees into their area.


The Afghans did not ask for war. More than 66,000 Afghan soldiers were killed fighting American troops in an attempt to push and defeat the Taliban. That the end of the road comes with responsibilities should not be so difficult to understand. Except for those who have a permanent setting about racism.

Yes. It is our responsibility to welcome those who have been fighting with us for decades, risking their lives and families, and now sacrificing their homes, a poorly planned “strategy. For which was largely based on the desire for revenge.

But not every Republican is responding to the crisis by knocking on the door. And those who do not deserve credit.


It is an expression. Only basic politeness Who deserves everyone’s support

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