Republicans January 6 investigation – Mother Jones can not hide from the two sides

Trump supporters attacked the US capital on January 6Samuel Corum / Getty

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Addressing CNN’s State Union on Sunday, Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pete Tommy made the offer. Now familiar Complaint about attempts by the then President of the United States to investigate the January 6 attack on the US capital.

“It’s very clear that Democrats are motivated to try to send political messages here, and maybe a biased commission in the House is going to do that,” he said.

Tommy, who voted to remove Trump after a second impeachment trial and backed a January 6 bilateral commission bill, spoke of Trump’s attempt to annul the 2020 election. Most people in his party have explained that. But here in the House of Representatives, his comments on the formation of a select committee (after a bilateral commission) he backed in the Senate. Was flipper), Reflect political thinking more than reality.

Even when House Minority Leader Kevin Carcarty, Rep. Jim Jordan and others have worked overtime to turn the select committee into a biased circus, they have not necessarily succeeded. Wyoming correspondent Liz Cheney – even a recent member of the House Republican leadership and, literally, a ChineseIn the committee. And while Tommy was voicing his suspicions on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was announcing on ABC that she was is going To sign with Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kensinger. (Kensinger) Accepted Shortly afterwards, he said that many in his own party called “lies and conspiracy theories” a threat to America’s “self-government.” (Former Virginia Rep. Denver Wrigleyman) Allegedly Also in the mix to join the committee. The people of the Republic are clearly welcome to take part in the search for the facts, although for understandable reasons, those who helped promote the coup attempt and since then have tried to whitewash it. Yes, they are not.

While Tommy drafted the House Select Committee as the 2022 election strategy for Democrats, many of his Republican colleagues are still acting as if they were using Trump’s January 5 election lie as a political hammer. Using and using it as a voice to advance, next election. These elected officials are not just trying to avoid accountability for a failed coup and to prevent politically damaging information from reaching the public. They are arguing that the United States should give up the beacons because the Republican Party continues to surrender to the same electoral lies that led to the capitalist attack to take advantage of anti-democratic methods.

Currently, Texas Democrats are hiding in DC, inspired by Trump’s election claims, trying to block voting rights restrictions in their state, part of which Urges nationwide GOP to suppress voting rights. On Sunday, Trump – it is still clear that GOP de facto leader Ari was in Arizona, where he was He repeated his lie About the election being “stolen”, and where Republicans in the state government have used these false claims for a bizarre show trial. 2020 ballot.

Not surprisingly, Republicans such as McCarthy and Jordan want to move forward without facing any consequences for their party’s role in the January 6 uprising. But it is not clear why the US Congress and its current Speaker of the House suffered Death threats From a bloodthirsty crowd of Trump supporters six months ago, they should let him go.

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