Resident and C. Tangana! Wave Latin 2022 features its first artists.

When it was announced that Wave Latin 2022 was a reality. People lost their minds for the return of the music festival. The biggest and most important in the country, and now the fans went crazy, as they showed themselves. The first artist to perform

And this Saturday, October 9, View Latin 2022 shared on their social networks. Various clips from which he first showed artists. Which will be presented next March.

Videos shared by View Latino 2022. They include pieces of songs, which is why the festival asked fans to cover their ears.

And music lovers are happy, as its clips Vive Latino 2022 announced that previously certified artists are neither more nor less resident , C. Tangana, authentic usher, Black Pumas, Gary Clark Jr., Mogwai and Santa Claus.

Live Latin 2022. It will be held on March 19 and 20. In Forvo Civil. As in Corona Capital, it is being requested that, in order to participate, you have been vaccinated or have a vaccine available. Negative COVID test.The safest thing to do is to do the same at this festival.



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