Restructuring the power and the global economy – Meczyki

This is exactly the semester of realizing elections in different parts of the world, thinking about the stable vision of the ordinance, the first results from the death of a connoisseur in Europe. In France, the results have not been approved by President Macron, re-elected, to find a way to govern with the elite or that only a few 244 of 577 students at the National Assembly, requiring the media to be represented by the Accordoway, Social Ecuador. alienza de populistas de isquierdas, socialistas, ecologists and communists) and with the National Reagrupamiento (RN) of Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French Empire. De Esta Pharma, El Guberno Frances Regresra a las ڈیpocas de negociaciones parlamentarias, las quales, en el pasado, desgastaron al aparato politico de manera importante y que parecían haber sido superadas. Cona Esta Selection Opening Una Niveva Etapa de Poder Compartidio Pur Lo Mesmo, De Manor Established en la Politica Francesca, Quios Effects Podrian Filters El Cino de la Union Europa.

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. In this región de un la un ladoque. Subcontinent In the campaign, the President elects a promising approach to the Colombian economic model, proposing structural reforms to correspond to the designations and seek a more friendly approach with the medium. This idea is considered as a tribute to the fact that it was accompanied by the necessary executions and a public gesture to attend to the social necessities. The problem is that Colombia has been hit by the inversion of Baja Syndrome which has become a major issue in 2021 with the formation of a huge capital fijo as the PIB has only raised 19.8 degrees. With the finishing touches with the transformative promotions required by an enormous escalator, or that Colombia is a pawn with natural enormous resource resources, but with a sector sector manufacturing 12,7 per cent of PIB. At the end of a commercial deficit, the representations represent 16.4 per cent of the PIB, while the imports are about 24.4 per cent, but it is observed that it is a vulnerable part of the demand.

The President chose to know that the economic system is in a precarious situation, which depends on the export of petroleum and a unique cocoon of negotiations, which should be considered with due diligence. In this situation, the proprietors of the campaign have always had all the new petroleum exploration to give a change to the development of other industries and a expansion of the social programs, many other impulses at their expense.

The proprietary implicit hackia is a productive resource in the nature, giving dependence to the primaries and democratizing the use of energy to generate capacities. The dependence on the material of the Crisis Ambient Global that can play in life and human supervision. Accelerate the energy from the limps to the top with the discovery of public findings that replaces minero-energizers. For this reason, among the proprietors of the campaign have been raised, among others, the need for a remarkable increase in tourism – which depends on the consolidation of the pas in many territories – and the medicinal cannabis industry.

The problems that present us to take a practical approach to a basic economy in the natural exploration of natural resources and a model based on industry and services that are multiple and median to the great plazo, and as always the demand of our siblings, we are in the most beautiful corto. This is a productive change for all parts of the country requiring a financing process that is not always possible, or that the traditional franchises like our merchant financing deals. la región. This is due to the need for alternatives and the possibility of alternatives being made in China, which requires natural resources for its economy and which may be interested in financing this new project, in the future.

The relationship with China is a great retro for Colombia, which could have been a point of contention with the United States. Without embarking, we would have to record that the state of affairs had retracted from the actual administration of President Duque, before the two of them would recover the aid from China. It was a coincidence that even the United Nations became desperate for the administration of Biden, which would bring enrichment in the relationship with Latin America.

The best of the past and the best of the best in the world, that without a fight, the Latin America and its relation to the United States, it is a friendly place to be. In Brazil, if Lula finally regroups to power it is expected that this dinamice will change in región and oblige the United States to redistribute its relationship with región.