reta a autoparteras mexicanas por ‘fallas’ en EU – Meczyki

Let it be reformed Treatment between Mexico, United States and Canada (T-MEC) en 2020 to include, among other things, mayoral protections for the trainees, andWe hope to operate in the Mexican territories together with several solicited investigations for the reunion of the American Americas with violations of the labors of And hope that you are more than happy.

The Office of the Commercial Representative of the United States He was killed because he was abusive to the laboratories of guarantees in the plants in Mexico that produce Panasonic autoparts.Tridonex, GM and Teksid Hierro.

Al respecto, el gobierno mexicano ha asegurado que Bisca Resolution Esta Dispute de Maneira Aberta y Apigada La Le del Nuevo Tratado Commercialto determine if there exists or not a violation of the laboratories of conformity with the prevailing dispositions in the T-MEC.

“It was said at the time that this would mean ‘en oscurito’, the temas que se ventilan con las empresas que tienen inversión en mexico y desde luego con los sindikatos. In general, los que han puesto sobre la mesa se han venido resolvendoAt the end of the game’s regulation, consider that there are reserves of Manera abierta “, said Héctor Guerrero Herrera, sub-secretary of Economics at the Financier in reunion with mediums and inversionists.

Miguel Elizalde, President of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Communications and Practices (ANPACT), agregó que laz quebaras por part of gobierno del vecino país del norte no han afectado aún la production camiones pesados, tractocamiones y de pasajeros; Without starting, it would be advisable to generate some disrupting the administration in the form of debenture forums, if not for the adherence to adherence.

“It is very important that one of the associates with its cadence prove that there is no doubt that the caddy has an inconvenience? special ”, puntualizó.

Prevent a period of adaptation to the new commercial regimes

Guillermo Rosales Zárate, President of the Mexican Association of Distributors of Automotors (AMDA), said the Financiero that the controversies that have arisen are really generating with the enterprises of the automotive and automotive sectors, The idea of ​​a new industry to the new regulators in the field of material content in the T-MEC.

“This is an adaptation process in Torno to the reformer that has been implemented in our country and that is in line with the T-MEC. in the process of concocting dispositions, of applications ”, indicated.

Forbidding sin, descartó que en este momento este tema represente alguna situación gravand that the automotive industry is destabilizing.

“We have never seen a grave situation that is destabilizing, we detect that there is an intimidation by the part of the empire that wants to preserve the contradictions in favor of a sympathetic”, as always.

In the misunderstood, representations of armadors like General Motors, Stellantis, Ford, among others, refers to the old queues that interposed by the Gobierno of the United States and Mexico in the material labourer against some of the automotive enterprises in the suburbs. It does not represent a paradigm shift in the administration of the government and the manufacturing of the automotive sector.

The first of the queues was for the Tridonex autoparts plant, located in Philadelphia, located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas. The Central Obrera, the largest unit of the United States, the AFL-CIO, argued in May of the first that the trainees of the Dicha plant had negated the independent representation of the new T-MEC.

One of the men, the junior of 2021, lTake a second look at the part of the goblins by the violators present at the time of the free association against the Trideonex.

ESA See also the part of a syndicate of Mexican contra violations of free association in the fabrication of automotive panasonic automotive systems in Tamaulipas. and the denunciation of the receptacle in conocer against contraceptives of autoparts Texid Hierro of Mexico, propelled by the Armadora of Stellantis. The conflict of the choir de poder enters the CTM and a syndicated group of men from Napoleon Gómez Urrutia.

Description interrupción en fabricas

The queues of these empires of autoparts are hechos aislados que no impact on the administration and production of autosJosé Zozaya Délano, President of the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA)

“Because we are in the cases that he has presented is that there has not been a huge impact on the production of vehicles and we believe that as we will, we will have more syndicates-administrators and laboratories that will resist in the future” dijo en entrevista .

In the first few months of the yearThe total production of autos alkanes a million 376 mil 28 units3.5 for more than the month of May 2021.

Ann Tento The first eight months of the last eight months of the year will be reduced by 0.28 per cent. Compare with 2021 report 1 million 166 mil 921 commercialized vehicles in the extras.