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En la 110a Conference International del Trabajo (CIT) If you celebrate in Geneva from 27 May to 11 June, the delegation of the Mexican Empire is presiding here Jose Medina Mora, President of COPARMEX, integrating delegations with José Abugaber Andoni, President of CONCAMIN; Ricardo Barbosa, Eduardo Ocampo, Fernando Yllanes Martínez, Adela Barona, Fidel Antuña, Wendy Sarmiento, Octavio de la Torre, Luis Monsalvo, Isabel Lecanda, Jaime Bustamante, in a very sympathetic way.

It is important to make sure that the three months of the manera tripartita, which fueron la seguridad y salud en el trabajo, el aprendizajeasí como La Economy Social and Solidaria.

En la Commission of Asuntos Generals resolvió included as fundamentals to the conveniences 155 (about security and salutations to the employers) and 187 (about the promotional brand for the security and salutations to the employers). The convening 155 or fue ratified by our side on February 1, 1984, but the convening 187 did not ratify it, because the ante from which he promotes his ratification, by treating a conveni- tion a fundamentally fundamental revocation, by treating him Convened in February 1984, because it is very probable that the OIT Office for Mexico and Cuba and the Secretariat of Trabajo and Prevention, in addition to the Convention 144 (on the tripartite consultation) promotes convincing reunions and sessions. Convincing organizations more representatives of employers and employers, to find an effective consultation on what you can, in their case, promote or recommend the ratification of the most authoritative 187.

En la Normativa Commission If the resolution is inscribed on the 111th CIT, which will declare the letter that enters, a point titulado “Introduction” In response to the recommendation of a recommendation, which includes the bases for regular quality appraisals, definitively “apprentice” toda formación and de rómaci porn a contrato de aprendizae a que aprendiz ad aquiris las competercias requeridas una ocupación mediante una formación en en. . and a formulation of the function and conduction of a reconciled reconciliation.

In this discussion, it is possible that the promotions and delays can be conducive to decentralization, contribute to the effectiveness of the deals and offer delays on the deals. Transmits, and offers the actual deals and benefits, as well as satisfying the actual needs and futures of the apprentices, the employers and the merchant of the trade, and that they need a market regulatory effect to make them more confident that they appreciate de apprentices de los apprendizable de lagrar que los aprendizajes de los aprendices minimos de los aprendices.

En la General Commission for Discussion, en la que se trató “The work is decente and the social and solid economy”Conclude the meeting of the Director General of the OIT that ensures a strategy and a plan of action on the decentralization of the economy and solidarity for the course of the findings, which will lead to considerations for the consideration of 2020202007. In the affairs of the Social Economy, which include cooperatives, associations, mutuals, fundraisers, social enterprises, automation groups and other entities that operate on their own valors and principals, lamolidas a lamidas valores y lamidas. ya la transición de la economía informal a la formalía economy, y que operan en todos los sectores de la economía.

Derivado estos trabajos y conclusions, es muy probable que anyikie pronto un dialogo tripartito sobre los alcances del Convenio 187 (sobre el promo marco para la seguridad y salud en el trabajo); We also hope that the initiatives of the tripartites about the best form of the regular figure of the Apprentice, which allow the jurisprudence of the proponents and protectors and the definition of the apprenticeship; y que se realiken sociales consultas para definir las mejores forma de promover y apoyar a las socianas sociales y solidarias, para que sean viables y sostenibles y pudan transitar del sektar informal al sektar formal. # OpiniónCoparmex.

Lorenzo Roel

Consultation for Asuntos OIT-OIE of Coparmex