Return of alleged killer on El Paso Bridge due to pending court order.

Step- Authorities say a Mexican national was recently arrested in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and returned to Mexico by the USP Border Patrol (USBP) through a border crossing in Alexo due to a court order. sent.

According to the USBP, Border Patrol agents who apprehended the man were alerted to a pending murder warrant in Mexico.

Cooperation between agents at the Santa Teresa Border Patrol Station, Foreign Operations Sub-Directorate (FOB) and Mexican government officials confirmed the pending order and arranged repatriation.

A 31-year-old Mexican man wanted for murder in his home country was handed over to Mexican authorities by FOB agents in the El Paso sector on Wednesday at a border crossing in the El Paso area.

“Border patrol agents assigned to the El Paso Sector Foreign Operations Branch routinely work with Mexican government officials. This is a long-standing partnership and a fluid relationship in our region, and I am very pleased to acknowledge that. Proud of

“We will continue to work with our Mexican counterparts to repatriate wanted persons across the border,” he added.

Customs and Border Protection advises citizens to report any suspicious activity anonymously by calling 1-800-635-2509.


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