Revealed: London boroughs have the most car thefts and which models are targeted


Burglaries across London are at their highest level in almost three years, targeting keyless vehicles.

Met Police figures show. Car thefts across the capital rose by 16 per cent from June 2022 to June 2022 compared to the previous 12 months, with 32,294 and 27,859 recorded respectively.

June 2022 recorded the highest number of vehicle thefts in a single month since October 2019 at 2,743.

Between June 2021 and 2022, Anfield recorded the most burglaries, 1,862, more than five times the amount recorded in Kingston upon Thames.

He is followed by Newham, who recorded 1,761 steals, and Barnett with 1,501.

Croydon, Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham each recorded more than 1,300 burglaries.

The boroughs with the fewest recorded burglaries in June were Kingston, 367, Richmond, 455, Islington, 553, and Sutton, 600.

AA Insurance said rising used car prices were fueling the increase, as well as a shortage of used car parts.

This is increasing the demand for stolen car sales for anyone who doesn’t want to ask too many questions.

The recent rise in thefts also coincides with the easing of strict Covid restrictions.

AA Insurance said these incentives are leading to a “significant increase” in the theft of keyless entry cars which can be carried out “quickly and quietly”.

“Usually two thieves will work together. One carries the transmitter and stands next to the vehicle while the other stands near the property containing the amplifier.

“The amplifier can amplify the signal from the key and send it to the transmitter. The transmitter essentially becomes a ghost key and tricks the car into thinking the real key is nearby. This then unlocks the car and Lets him drive away unharmed.

Keyless entry cars include Land Rover, Mazda and Mercedes.

/ Toby Parsons/Pixabay

Car manufacturers that offer keyless entry include Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes and Ford, but it’s also becoming more common in mid-range vehicles.

However, owners are less aware of the risks.

An AA Yonder driver poll found that 51 percent of keyless vehicle owners do not store the key in anything.

There are several ways owners can protect their keys from ‘relay theft’, including wrapping them in foil or storing them in a leather pouch.

“The car is always the weakest part when it comes to security, but many people are unaware of how important it is to protect it,” said AA Insurance Services Managing Director Gus Park.

“Drivers should do everything they can to protect their keys. While a minority put their keys in the microwave it is not recommended and there are simple ways to protect your car.

“As a tenor, people can reduce the risk of theft by keeping their keys in a fraud pouch. Depending on the spare key, drivers may need two because it can also be a keyless entry key. It should also be well stored by the front door and out of sight.”

The Met Police said it could not comment on statistics but said it recognized the impact car crime can have on victims.

“Any allegation of crime reported to the police will be reviewed to see if there are any viable lines of inquiry including forensic opportunities that may lead to progress.

“However, motorists can take a number of steps to protect their vehicles and their contents, such as installing a steering lock that can act as a visible barrier and removing or ensuring that valuables are safe. Making them not stay on display.

“We are deploying 650 new officers to new town center teams, working in town centers and high streets to reduce crime and increase confidence in communities through greater police visibility. “

Recorded car thefts between June 2021-22.

Enfield 1,862

Newham 1,761

Barnett 1,501

Redbridge 1,344

Croydon 1,344

Barking and Dagenham 1,322

Greenwich 1,249

Tower Hamlets 1,246

1,222 have.

Brent 1,196

Waltham Forest 1,151

Lewisham 1,124

Bromley 1,083

Ealing 1,082

Haringey 1,055

Southwark 1,038

Hackney 1,029

Lambeth 987

Bexley 970

Hillingdon 924

Hanslow 750

Hammersmith and Fulham 694

Merton 667

Kensington and Chelsea 659

Hero 650

Westminster 628

Sutton 600

Camden 559

Islington 553

Richmond 455

Kingston 367