Ricardo Monreal defends in Senado the presidential agreement of works

The coordinator of Morena en el Senado, Ricardo Monreal, defense a la 4T y al acuerdo president which declare the works of the governor as national security of the attacks of the opposition.

During the commemoration of International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, Monreal went to the stands, luego de que senador de Movimiento Ciudadano, Noé Castañón Ramírez, provocate a debate in the Senate of the Republic.

Chestnut Ramirez pissed off his screen that one was set up constitutional controversy against the President’s agreement Andrés Manuel López Obrador to “blind” the works.

In addition to the solemnity of the emperor “opaco” the commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, Ricardo Monreal called off the attacks opposition against AMLO.

Without embarrassment, when he went to the tribune, he expressed his vision and the 4T to say that search the crime of who has less.

Mientras que, sobre los desacuerdos por el acuerdo president, Monreal assurur que “The President of the Republic has always acted in a congruent manner, but with a great amor a la patria“.



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