rises to 7.05% in the first half of November – El Financiero

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) it accelerated and recorded an annual variation of 7.05 percent during the first half of November, the highest level in 20 years, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported on Wednesday.

Inflation would have increased due to the fact that elprisprogram its period of validity expired in November.

The index is registered the highest level since the second half of April 2001, when it was 7.08 percent at an annual rate.

Inflation is found by 17 consecutive fourteen days over the set target area of the Banco de México (3%, +/- 1 percentage point).

The underlying price index, which is the one that excludes products with high price volatility from its accounts, was 5.53 percent at an annual rate, the highest level since the second half of April 2009, when it registered 5.58 percent.

In its interior, the prices of services were 3.85 percent, while the rise in prices of goods was 7.04 percent.

At the same time, the non-core balance, which stands for products with high volatility in their prices, such as agricultural products or fuels, was 11.68 percent year-on-year, the highest since the second half of April 2021, when it was 12.47 percent.

Divided, the prices of agricultural products showed a variation of 12.47 per cent, while the energy and tariffs approved by the government were 11.15 per cent, compared with the same period last year.

On the other hand price index for the minimum consumption basket it recorded a decrease every two weeks of 0.76 percent, but an annual increase of 7.94 percent.

In its comparison with the immediately preceding fourteen days, the INPC was 0.69 percent, the highest since the first two weeks of November 2017.

Which were the products that increased the most in price?

Among these were Electricity (24.16 percent), green tomato (42.06 percent); chicken (2.76 percent); tomato (3.92 percent); other fresh chili peppers (19.77 percent); loncherías, fondas, torterías and taquerías (0.39 percent) and beef (0.77 percent).

On the contrary, the products that showed a decrease in their prices were domestic gas (1.86 percent); low octane gasoline (0.46 percent); men’s shoes (2.28 percent and pork (0.78 percent).

Per state, those with the largest price increase were Sonora (4.15 percent); Sinaloa (3.71 percent); Baja California Sur (2.84 percent) and Baja California (2.49 percent).

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