Ronald Klein retweeted after calling the supply chain crisis a “high class” issue.

White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klein is once again facing criticism for posting on social media, this time retweeting a cake in which he described the recent economic downturn due to the supply chain crisis. Classified as “upper class problems”. ”

At the end of wednesday Klain shared a post. From Harvard professor Jason Firman and two handwritten emojis, he pointed to the bottom of the original tweet.

“Most of the economic problems we are facing (inflation, supply chains, etc.) are upper class problems. If the unemployment rate were still 10 percent, we would not have them. Instead, we would have a lot of problems. Face to face

While Firman, a professor of economic policy He later explained his comment. It was not a political analysis but a “social decision” of its own, with critics criticizing Klein for agreeing to it and accusing him of dealing with American problems.

“Inflation is not a major problem.” Inflation is a tax on working Americans and fixed income. Rapid Bud (R-NC) tweeted.. The Biden / Harris White House is completely out of touch. # Inflation taxation.

Ronald Klein Tweet
Ronald Klein shared a post from Harvard Professor Jason Ferman.

The House Republican Policy Committee called Klein’s tweet “provocative.”

“Only the White House Chief of Staff has described rising gas, food and housing prices as an ‘upper class’ problem. Outrageous! The American people are hurting and deserve better leadership.” The committee’s official Twitter account was posted..

Rep. Alice Stephen (R-NY), third-ranked House Republican, and the advocacy group Independent Women’s Voice copied Klein’s use of emojis, criticizing the same post.

it’s wrong. Reminder – Inflation is a tax on every American she said.

“Disconnected from reality” The voice of independent women wrote., Then emoji.

On a separate account, Stephen. Re-highlighted Klein’s post.“That’s what the Biden administration thinks of the American people,” he told social media users.

Port of Los Angeles.
The United States suffers from labor shortages and supply chain disruptions amid the COVID-19 epidemic.
Robin Beck / AFP via Getty Images

“Upper-class intellectuals and lower-class American workers. (By the way – working-class Americans are the ones who carefully save for their children’s vacations !!)” he wrote.

Rep. Kevin Deer (R. Oakley) asked how the White House Chief of Staff “could be out of touch with reality.”

“American families are spending more than 5 175+ a month on living expenses, and the White House’s response is, ‘Well, could it be worse ?!” The representative tweeted..

Rap Steve Womack (R. Arch.) Blame the administration Changing the message when it comes to inflation.

Earlier, Biden Admin said inflation was a “short-term” problem. Now, this is a ‘high class’ problem. Arkansas products require putting food on the table, refueling their homes and cars, going to work, and dressing their children. They affect the daily family budget, “he tweeted.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This isn’t the first time a retweet has set Klein on fire, as last month. The Chief of Staff admitted President Biden’s labor-related vaccine mandate was the “final work” to issue the federal vaccine mandate.

During Biden’s speech on the same day, two-thirds of all American workers were ordered to take COVID-19 shots, MSNBC anchor Stephanie Rohl said. Tweeted The move “is the final step in the federal government’s need for a vaccine” – Klein retweeted on his feed.

San Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called the move “stupid” and said it was an indication that “admins know it’s illegal” to force businesses to comply with vaccine laws under heavy fines. To be forced to import.

Workers unload cargo.
Earlier, Biden Admin said inflation was a “short-term” problem. Now, this is a ‘high class’ problem.
Megan Gellinger / AFP via Getty Images

“Important. Stupid RT by WHK Chief of Staff,” Cruz wrote, sharing a screenshot of Klein’s retweet. It’s legal (like preventing eviction) but they don’t care.

Klein’s tweet on Wednesday came as the United States faces a major supply chain crisis. Threatens timely delivery. Everyday Items and Holiday Gifts


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