Ronald Klein Retweetes Vaccine Mandate “Around Final Work”

Ronald Klein, Biden’s chief of staff, appears to be acknowledging that President Biden’s vaccine mandate for private companies is “the ultimate task” of issuing a federal vaccine mandate – setting fire to the “silent part”.

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Rohl. Tweeted on ThursdayTwo-thirds of all American workers must take COVID-19 shots before Biden’s speech, saying the move is “the final step for the federal government’s need for a vaccine” – which Klein retweeted on his feed.

“OSHA’s implementation of this vaccine mandate as an emergency workplace safety role is the ultimate need for the federal government to have a vaccine,” Rohl wrote.

The retweet caught the attention of San Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who called the move “stupid” and hinted that “the admin knows it’s illegal” so that businesses could be vaccinated under heavy fines. To be able to enforce the laws.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein
White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein retweeted, “The OSHA’s use of this wax mandate as an emergency workplace safety role is the final step for the federal government in need of vaccinations.”
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Ronald Klein retweeted it.
Ronald Klein retweeted it.

“Important. Stupid RT by WH Chief of Staff,” Cruz wrote, sharing a screenshot of Klein’s retweet. Yes (like preventing eviction) but they don’t care.

Clean, Who retweeted several posts. Throughout the evening, in support of the president and the mandate, he retweeted Rohl’s order weakening Biden. Statement in December That he “will not demand. [vaccination] Must be “

Biden’s order. This is at a time when cases of the corona virus are on the rise, due to the shape of the delta. To combat epidemics, Biden launched a six-step plan that includes increasing vaccinations, increasing screening, making masks mandatory, and improving the care of people already diagnosed in Covid 19.

Joe Biden
Presenting his six-step plan, President Biden said vaccination is not a matter of “freedom or personal choice.”
AP / Andrew Hornick.

The president added that vaccination is not a matter of “freedom or personal choice”.

“It’s not about freedom, or personal choice,” Biden said in a White House speech. “It’s about protecting yourself and the people around you – the people you work with, the people you work with.” You care, the people you like; we can’t stop these measures from protecting the vast majority of Americans who have played their part, who want to get back to normal life. ۔

This mandate gives the Department of Labor the power to force businesses of 100 workers or more to vaccinate staff or conduct weekly tests. Federal workers will not have the option of testing and must agree to the injection with a few exceptions.

Stephanie Rohl is an anchor for MSNBC.
Stephanie Rohl is an anchor for MSNBC.
Depaspall / Getty Images for the Tribeca Festival.

Republican governors returned fire. Acting on the President’s order, claiming that he does not have the authority to issue such a mandate.

“This is not the power that has been handed over to the federal government,” South Dakota Gov. Christy Naeem told Fox News’ Hannity on Thursday night. It is the power of states to decide. In South Dakota, we are going to be free and we will make sure we don’t go overboard. So we will take action. My legal team is already working, and we will defend and protect our people from this illegal mandate.

In Arizona, Gov. Doug Dossey called Biden’s “authoritarian style” “wrong,” and “non-American.”

According to the CDC, 75.3 percent of American adults have been vaccinated with at least one corona virus.
According to the CDC, 75.3% of American adults have been vaccinated with at least one corona virus vaccine.
Lindsay Parniby via Getty Images / AFP

“Covid 19 is a contagious disease, it is still with us and it will happen in the near future,” Dossey wrote. “President Biden’s solution is attacking private businesses and individual liberties in an unprecedented and dangerous way … How many workers will be homeless? How many children have been kept out of the classroom? How many businesses have been fined?”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott This is called the new rule. “Attacks on private businesses” and vowed that the state was “already working to stop this seizure of electricity.”

It is unclear how governors can fight the order, as Biden warned, if Republican governors who oppose vaccines and mask mandates “do not help us defeat the epidemic.” The way I will use my powers as president. “

According to CDC data, 75.3% of American adults. At least one corona virus has been vaccinated. Vaccination rates vary by state and the national infection rate is as high as it was in late January, when a few Americans were vaccinated.


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