Rosa Nellie Tribune: ¿Empatía Intergeneracional?

It is said that the mayor reto que enfrentan las empresas familiares es la sucesión. No obstacle, at a point where the technological advances in the salute do not allow us to live more and better, the principal reto of the familiar business or not is the chance, sino la convivencia ethnic.

Yes, multiple genera comparten espacio en el ambito professional y toman decisiones juntas. There were 81 aisles, 63 of them, 42 of them and 20 of them collaborating, licking their heads together with familiar acquaintances. In this context, it will be possible to achieve this and for that, promote and develop the intergenerational empire that is vitally indispensable.

The empire has three newcomers. The most basic is the cognitive, that we permitted ponernos in the log of otro and consider its logic (Think). The most emotional emotion that is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others (afecto). In the novel more than encounters the empicic preconception, which is not just about knowing what you think and feel about the other person, you will also take precedence by doing something to improve your situation (Action).

compare activities and decisions empires with societies and families of different editions and visions is complete, and in occasions, causes conflict. For that, and for the sake of the continuity of the familiar empire, the intergenerational empire should be given to the three newcomers.

La empatía intergeneracional compulsory (Pensimiento, afecto and acción) nos ayudará entender mejor a nuestros socios, to control nuestros impulsos ya solver los problemas familiares-empresariales de form pacifica. Consequently, dealing in de-escalation is an obligation and a responsibility. all and sundry D. los dueños.

What is the need for potency?

1) Conciencia Emocional

To refine your saber distinguish our emotions and las de demos, a etiquetarlas, look for your causas and express manera asertiva. To be able to compare ourselves to our compatriots and our nuns socios-familiares, it is necessary to reconcile that the smiles hechos our effect on different forms. Our receptions are based on the function of the edit, generator, phase of life, roller-coaster, midsummer, vision of the future, etc.

2) Comunicación, Entendimiento y Respeto

The active communication, activating the escalator and respecting the dignity of human beings are necessary to be able to understand, form and help others. The diversity in the family and in the empire is always the mayor; inclusion and comprehension are essential for enriching and building joints. We say no, there is an innumerable interdependence between the different genera- tions that convince us in the familiar business; And that’s what, in the end, they’re perfect.

3) Automatic control y Paciencia

The control of our emotions and the process of being able to comprehend not only our processes of cognitions and emotions, but also of the equals that we do. without tranquilidad, the capacitance of escuchar se reduce. Keep your emotions in the air, don’t overdo it with the claridad, a Translator Our feelings, to preserve perspective or better deal with conflicting situations.

4) Inspiration and action

Tener a proprietary claro, as by exerting the familiarity of a familiar (inspiring), we help to persuade a productive form, impulses our empathetic intergenerational or arbitrarily dealing with our objections. Poseer UN Set The valued family compartments, which include the gratitude and the reconciliation to the excellence, laboriousness, initiative, simplicity and austerity, facilitate this labor.

5) Change en un Buen Lector

No research has shown that people who have more empathizers. The reason is simple: there are habits in ponerse in the other zapatos. Tip: A form of promotional intergenerational empire in the family empire and in the familiar empire is creating a lectura. Basta con que le dediquemos 30 minuto por semana. This interaction aids the union, the criteria and the debate; A conocernos y convivir mejor.

This brew: The proprietary responsive implication of the pros and cons of la Real General conviction and arduous action to get the passage for unity. For now, the intergenerational empire will be developed compulsory It is inevitable. Y es que, sin ella, lograr la continuidad del negocio familiar será difícil, conflictivo y agotador.

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