Rosh reveals what Wilder told him after being knocked out in Rounder 11.

Tyson Fury Knockout Donte Wilder. To retain their WBC, The Ring and Lionel Heavyweight titles. The fight could go down as one of the biggest heavyweight boxing shows ever.

Although it looked like the bad blood between the two would end after the end of the trilogy, it certainly wasn’t.

In a post-war interview. BT SportTyson Roche reveals what Donte Wilder told him when the winner went to shake hands with the Englishman, The Bronze Bomber. Anger revealed:

“Well done,” I said. “I don’t want to show any sport or honor,” he said. I said, no problem! [I was] Very surprised, loser, a fool. Do you know what To be a great fighter, you have to have courage and respect, and he can’t do that tonight. “

Watch Tyson Fury’s interview below:

“I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect. I said no problem,” he said.ys Tyson_Fury What was said between him and Donte Wilder after the fight! ۔# FuryWilder3.

Here is footage of The Gypsy King approaching Donte Wilder after the battle:

After eleven rounds of slag fest, Tyson Fury finally landed on the ropes with a huge right hand supporting Wilder. The referee immediately stopped the fight after witnessing Wilder fall to the mat in a terrifying manner.

Below is a video of the knockout:

Tyson Fury claims to be the greatest heavyweight of his time.

In a post-war interview, Tyson Fury said he was the greatest heavyweight boxer of his generation. Praising Donte Wilder, he said:

“One hundred percent. Am I the greatest heavyweight of my time? Without a doubt. Number one, number one. Look what I’ve done! I’ve been in the last six battles in America, I’m the most devastated in history. What a puncture I’ve fought. The game. Not once, not twice, but three times. Danger, danger man. “

Watch the interview clip below:


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