Rowe vs. Wade: Billy Elish blew up the US abortion decision in the historic Glastonbury seat.


illi Eilish said it was “a really dark day for women in the United States” during its historic Glastonbury headline when the Supreme Court overturned the country’s constitutional right to abortion on Friday.

The 20-year-old singer’s comments came after a US court ruled in favor of the 1973 landmark Roy Wade case, which legalized abortion across the country.

During his set on the pyramid stage on Friday night, he spoke out against the decision when he introduced his song ‘Your Power’, which shows people abusing their power.

Cat Elish performing on the main stage of the pyramids at the Glastonbury Festival (Joel C. Ryan / Invasion / AP) / AP

Sitting with her brother and co-author, Phoenix O’Connell, she said: “The song we’re going to do is, I think, one of the favorites we’ve written and it’s about the concept of power. And how we always need to remember how not to misuse it.

“And today is a really dark day for women in America. I’m just saying I can’t afford to think about it at the moment.

During the electronic style set, he treated audiences to a selection of hits from his number two albums, including Beverly Friend, When the Parties Over, NDA and My Strange Addiction. Included.

She usually gave passionate performances, running and dancing all over the stage, wearing a black and white graphic dress with warm black striped arms and her hair in a space bun.

The singer presented another political moment during the set when she explained how society needs better protection of the environment.

Before doing everything I wanted to do, he said: “So I think we all know that we really need to do something better to protect the planet we all live on.

“We can always do a better job of protecting our people and our friends and family and strangers and standing up for each other and standing together.

“And I love you all and I stand by you and I support you and support everything that makes you like you.”

The audience was seen repaying her love as they sang, danced and chanted her name throughout the set.

Towards the end of her set, she admitted that she felt “very deserving” of the opportunity because she thanked the festival and the fans that they were ready to take it.

He added: “I am honored to be here with all of you and all the incredible artists and the history of this festival.”

Elish closed his historic show with an explosive offer from his hit track Happy Dan Ever.

The singer cheered the crowd as she performed a dramatic chorus in which the crowd sang along with her.

It added to the energy when a fireworks display at Somerset’s Worthy Farm ended the first day of performances at the festival.

This marks the second appearance of an American pop star in Glastonbury since her debut in 2019 when she performed on stage.

Sam Fender went on to play a selection of his popular tracks on the Pyramid Stage before Elish, including Seventeen Going Under, Will We Talk? And Spice, for a crowd of enthusiastic fans waving flags and singing along.

After playing Getting Start, the 28-year-old singer said: “Hello Glastonbury, how are we doing?

“The boys and I have never been here before. We’ve never been here as punters, never played here before and we’re all doing it in one day, which is the most crazy experience.”

Sam Fender performing on Pyramid Stage (Ben Burchill / PA) / PA Wire

He also provided several electric guitar solos to the crowd, accompanied by his band.

Pyramid Stage also hosted a lineup of talent on Friday, including Ziggy Marley, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Crowded House, Rufus Wainwright and Wolf Alice – all of whom performed only after their flight from Los Angeles was canceled.

As all stages of the festival unfolded on Friday, Sir Paul McCartney gave an amazing performance with the audience at an intimate music venue in Forum, Somerset.

The former Beetle performed at Cheese and Green before becoming the oldest solo headliner after taking to the main stage in Glastonbury on Saturday, just a week after celebrating its 80th birthday.

Earlier on Friday, Vladimir Zelensky made an appearance via video link, calling Glastonbury “the greatest center of freedom” and urging the world to “spread the truth” about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Video message from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was shown to the crowd on the second stage during the Glastonbury Festival (Yui Mok / PA) / PA Wire

He ended his speech with “Slavic Ukraine,” “Glory to Ukraine,” which was met with loud applause on stage at Worth Farm, Somerset.

Other actors who performed on Friday included Sugababes on the Avalon Stage, and Foals and St Vincent on the Other Stage, including Friday performances by Kae Tempest and The Libertines.

Ukraine’s Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra also marked its first performance in the UK since its victory, performing on the Trinity Stage at Shangri-La on Friday.