Royal News: The Queen remembers the Royal Scots for the first time since her coronation.


For the first time since her coronation in 1953, the Queen remembers every day of the Royal Scots.

The race course confirmed on Saturday that King would not participate due to ongoing mobility issues.

His Majesty, 96, instead watched the last day of the royal ceremony on television Daily Telegraph.

This is the first time the king has voluntarily lost the Royal Scout, after not participating in 2020 when the race was held behind closed doors due to epidemics.

Writing on the Royal Scout 2022 program, the Queen said: “I am extremely grateful for the continued kindness shown to me by the racing community.”

In his absence, the Duke of Kent led a procession of royal carriages, including Princess Beatrice and her husband, Eduardo Maple Mozi.

Earlier this week, the royal procession was led by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall for the first two days and Princess Royal on the third day.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge led the royal party in Friday’s program, arriving in a procession of traditional vehicles.

William and Kate did not attend the Berkshire meeting for many years and rejoiced, which they confessed with a wave, when the crowd at the parade ring first saw a glimpse of the royal couple.

With the victory of Perfect Power in the Commonwealth Cup, Kate was left open after choosing the winning horse.

The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee earlier this month, with millions of Britons holding street parties to mark her 60th anniversary on the throne.

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle also held several ceremonies over the four days to commemorate his reign.

His Majesty attended many ceremonies, but due to mobility problems he had to give up on others.

The Queen first attended the Royal Scout in 1946 and made history by becoming the first ruling monarch to win a Gold Cup in 2013.