Russia is ready to negotiate

Moscow- The Russian diplomat approached the Lunes of President Vladimir Putin to negotiate with Russia on the occasion of the demand for security, indicating that the Kremlin is aimed at continuing the deployment of diplomatic missions.

Moscú does not want the OTAN to incorporate Ukraine into other sophisticated anti-Soviet elements, and has given up on the alienza militia that freaked out the armies of Ukraine and retires its European orientation. Only OTAN can accept petitions.

In a reunion with Putin, Sergei Lavrov, Minister of External Affairs, said that Moscow would have to deal with more dialogues with the United States and its allies, so that Occidente seeks the principal demands of Russia.

The conversations “can not continue indefinitely, but it will be sweet in these moments will continue and expand” ,,,,,

Preceded by Putin if he felt the continuation of diplomatic diplomacy, Lavrov responded that the canals of diplomats “are in the throes of aggression” and would continue to negotiate.

Putin suggests that Occidental could invite Russia to treat Russia without “fines” and ask if there is a possibility of an agreement on the basic demands of Russia.

“There is always possibility,” Lavrov responded, adding that his ministry would not allow the United States and its allies to prolong the process indefinitely.

Russia has ten planes invading Ukraine, but has concentrated more than 130,000 soldados on the frontier and, since the point of Vista of the United States, has concentrated all kinds of recurring baccalaureates for a long time.

The encounter took place at the moment when the chancellor Alem Olaf Scholz visited Ukraine and was dispatched to Russia via other diplomatic diplomacy with Putin.

“We are experimenting with an amanaza muy, my grave in the pas of Europe”, tweeted Scholz in Kiev, adding that the German desi saw “indications of a descalada” for the part of Moscow.

The first prime minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, declared that Europe was “on the verge of a precipitation” that “every time there is a time for President Putin to give a shit.”

At the very beginning of a prequel to a famous guerrilla, the Ezracito alemán dijo that at the beginning of the 350 soldadian additions it was considered to improve the content of the OTAN in Lituania would have been salon the lunes. Lituania traced the families of diplomats and some diplomats with no diplomatic relations to Ukraine. Estados Unidos ya está sacando a la mayoría de su personal de la embajada en Kiev. And the Ministry of External Affairs of Greece summed up the two occasions of occasions to instruct its citizens to leave the country.

The inhabitants of the Ukrainian capital received a card of alkalde llamándoles a “defender of their city”. And in the residences of edifice residences, appearances about the world are more than just a refugio anterior. It is said that there were about 4,500 anti-aircraft bombs in Kiev, among those subterranean stations, subway stations and stations.

The Doctor Tamara Ugrich said that she had received great support from her grandparents and comrades at home, and that she had a male friend with emerging administrations.

“Yo no creo en la guerra, pero en la televisión las tensiones aumentan día tras día y cada vez se hase más difakil mantener la calma.