Russia prepares Sputnik M vaccine registry for adolescents; Putin tried nasal spray

Russia announced on Wednesday progress in theirs Sputnik vaccines for him covid-19, with a new version addressed to children and a nose spray he President Vladimir Putin is said to have taken What strengthening.

In TV comments, Putin He claimed he had ruling six months later from his starting dose of Sputnik V-vaccine because their levels of antibodies they had decreased.

He explained that the booster consisted of a dose of Sputnik Light, followed by a powder that was injected into his nostrils the next day.

That was it, I felt nothing. “Today, after these two procedures, I have already played some sports in the morning,” Putin said.

Russia hastened to develop Sputnik V last year, but the Kremlin has blamed the recent increase in cases of general reluctance to get vaccinated.

October was the deadliest month in Russia since the pandemic began.

Many people distrust official assurances about the safety of the Russian vaccine, an attitude that Putin has tried to counteract by speaking from his own experience in this regard.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova announced separately that the Ministry of Health will register a new Sputnik M vaccine for use on children aged 12 to 17, with the injections expected to be available by the end of December.



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