Russia records COVID deaths

MOSCOW, Russia – Russia recorded a new record of 19 to 968 deaths yesterday, the highest since the onset of the corona virus epidemic, the Operational Center for Combating Infectious Diseases reported. ۔

70 patients died in Moscow and 61 in St. Petersburg. So far on record, 19 to 215,453 deaths have been reported in the country, although the official death toll has more than tripled in the same period.

In Russia, 29,362 new cases were confirmed on the last day, bringing the country closer to 30,000 infections a day.

The absolute record of daily infections during the entire epidemic was recorded on December 24, 2020 with 29,935 cases.

This new registry has brought the total number of COVID-19 cases found in the country to 7,746,718.

Authorities attributed the increase in cases mainly to the spread of the Delta variety, which is more contagious.

Russia has not been able to reduce the number of epidemics and deaths since the June wave, although it was given a short respite in late August. In parallel, there is still reluctance to get the vaccine.


Author: Meczyki

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