Russia’s threat to the Commonwealth Games because security chiefs fear that drones could bomb the event.

Intelligence chiefs fear Birmingham could be hit by Russian drones capable of dropping bombs during the Commonwealth Games. A high-profile event will kick off in the city next month with a full schedule of public events and has been dubbed the “perfect target opportunity.”

Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine’s British support has raised fears that the event could be targeted. Concerns have also been raised about the possible use of neuro-agents in the city.

Security chiefs fear Vladimir Putin’s 50 spies are active in Britain. A source said Mirror“There is a danger that Russia may try to disrupt the Games, which includes everything from drone strikes to the use of nerve agents.”

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“The Commonwealth Games is a high-profile event with a global audience and the Kremlin could easily take advantage of it. It’s easy to see how Putin would like to punish Britain for supplying arms to Ukraine.”

About 5,000 players from 72 countries are expected to take part in the Games, which run from July 28 to August 8, in all locations in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Informed sources told the Sunday People that the Special Forces would use unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAVs) designed to capture, destroy or prevent drones from taking off. An intelligence official described the use of counter-drone technology to protect large public programs as “unprecedented”.

And in light of the potential threat, the Ministry of Defense has revealed that 1,000 members of the armed forces, including bomb disposal officers, special forces and snipers, will be deployed under the code name Operation Unity. Armed specialists from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment will mingle with crowds at venues, including the 18,000-seat Alexander Stadium.

Soldiers will be equipped with items such as attack drones, lasers and weapons to intercept other craft’s GPS and radio signals. One of the systems used will be Skywall Patrol, a drone catcher that fires web-like traps that destroy enemy craft.

Other devices block radio waves from reaching the drone and force it to land.

Lt. Col. Philip Ingram, a former military intelligence officer and a NATO planner, said: One possible threat is the use of drones by Russia, terrorists or misguided members of the people.

“The Russians have a history of using Russian military intelligence to do this, but it is clear that they could try to disrupt the games by using cyber and informational attacks.” As a result of the lockdown, terrorist activities have become less visible, but this does not mean that it has ended.

He added: “Terrorist groups continue to recruit, prepare, encourage and resource potential attackers, and publicly accessible venues in the Games provide an excellent target.”

Meanwhile, there is concern over the widespread activities of dozens of Russian spies active in all spheres of British society, including universities, the civil service and the Commons. An intelligence source said: “They get all kinds of intelligence and send it back to the Kremlin through a series of handlers.” It could be anything from what kind of weapons to how much sex is being sent to Ukraine for sex. The country’s political and military leaders. ” Last week, a suspected Russian spy was arrested at Gatwick as he was about to board a ship. A 40-year-old man is in custody. A Home Office spokesman said: “The actions of the Russian state pose a serious and direct threat to the national security of the United Kingdom. He said that the National Security Bill would enable our law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to be able to prevent, detect and create barriers. The full range of distant state threats.

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