Ryan Rooney delivers for Carnew as the late stunner beat Michael Hogans

Michael Hogans 1-11

Arnew Emmetts 2-9

A last minute score by Carnew wing back Ryan Rooney proved to be the winning score in the Minor ‘B’ Championship opener in this eagerly contested match at Avoca’s Rooster Park on Monday night of last June 20.

Hogans mounted some attacks in the extra time period, but the Emmets held on to a 2–9–1–11 victory.

Hogans scored most of the first half, with Paddy Harpour giving him the lead in the middle third of the field. Harpur put them ahead with a point from the game in the second minute.

Emmett’s full-forward, Zach Jordan, leveled a minute later with a fine point from his left boot.

He put Carnew ahead in the free a few minutes later, and it took Michael Hogans to level up with a Mark O’Reilly point from the game until the tenth minute.

Hogans was leading in short passing movements and supporting each other well in the attack.

However, they were finding a tough nut to crack the Emmett’s defense where William Kenny, Adam Jordan and Callum Ryan were hard to get.

Zack Jordan put Carneau in front again when he converted a free prize for a late tackle. Hogans was running, but Carneau was 0-3 to 0-2.

It was a good save, after a brilliant run in the middle by the Hogans midfielder, to prevent Paddy Harpour’s goal in the 15th minute by Callum Steadman.

Mark O’Reilly struck the post a short time later and Paddy took it until the 18th minute for Harpur to once again level a free-to-side.

Hogans’ exchange was better in the ten minutes before half-time and Lee Kenny put him in the driving seat after beating Callum Steadman for the first goal of the game on the break. Michael Hogans led 1-3 to 0-3 at this stage, possibly a fair enough sign of the game going on.

Niall McDonald earned his funnel by scoring a big save from Zach Jordan in the opening minute of the second half. Paddy Harpur extended Hogans’ lead to four points when he pointed for the free.

Still Carnew was on level terms by the five-minute mark when Zack Jordan converted another free and corner-forward Callum Walshey, snatching a shot from the right wing under the bar at an angle to the post and bar so that the sides were all over. Class 1 to be left on. 4 per.

The remainder of the second half of the contest evolved into a fiercely fought battle, with neither side really taking the lead.

Lee Kenny and Zack Jordan exchanged points before Jordan put the Carnew Boys ahead with two points, one for a free. Points from Mark O’Reilly and Paddy Harpour won them over again and Jack Kennedy put Hogans ahead with a fine total of 45.

Callum Walshe was set up for a fine goal by Fionn Darcy to put Emmets again two ahead. In an enthusiastic response, Paddy Harpour and Kylian Flusky again brought the level of the game from 2-7 to 1-10. Jordan converted for a free, but Paddy Harpur equalized again with two minutes remaining.

Ryan Rooney with a draw stepped up to the plate with a point that earned Carneau Emmets respect. No one is disappointed by a draw, but the game never ends until the last whistle.

Final Scores: Carneau Emmets 2-9, Michael Dwyers 1-11.

Carneau Emmets: Callum Steadman; Dylan Kenny, William Kenny, Cillian Doyle; Callum Ryan, Adam Jordan, Ryan Rooney (0-1); Craig Grenell, Kenneth Cullen; Jack Gregan, Ryan Austin, Fionn Darcy; Tom Brennan, Zach Jordan (0-8, 6f), Callum Walsh (2-0). Later members: MJ Hughes, Niall Kavanaugh.

Michael Hogans: Noel MacDonald; Ciaran Conway, Liam Murphy, Cormac Moore; Gavin Cullen, Jack Kennedy (0-1), Josh Brown; Jamie Doyle, Paddy Harpur (0-6); Mark O’Reilly (0-2), Lee Kenney (1-1), Kian Flusky (0-1); Jake Manley, Caleb Fox, Rhys McGee. Later members: Oisin Allen, Taylor Hanlon, Brooklyn Busher.

Referee: John Keenan (Aughrim)