Sachin Tendulkar credited India’s fast bowling to the IPL.

Legend of Indian cricket Sachin Tendulkar Believes IPL He has been instrumental in the development of Indian fast bowlers. India have performed well abroad in the last 2-3 years and their fast bowling has been the main reason behind this.

According to Tendulkar, fast bowlers are looked after by their IPL franchises in terms of training and diet. The former Indian batsman believes that this is what ultimately helps him get better and better.

Tendulkar congratulated the Indian fast bowling unit as well as the coaches for enabling the fast bowlers to stay away from home and be strong.

“I think what the IPL has done is that the IPL has given us the opportunity to be in front of a lot of youngsters. There are a lot of eyes behind these youngsters. And now I understand that as far as their food is concerned. There is a connection, there is a training method, there is discipline, attention, everything is found. Congratulations to our fast bowling unit and coaching staff here.

India has the best fast bowling unit in the world today: Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is convinced. India This is the best pace attack in the world right now after Side’s stunning victory at Lord’s. In the second innings, India had only 60 overs to bowl out England in the enemy’s area and they managed to do so with more than eight overs.

What impressed Tendulkar the most was his ability to take wickets in the pacers’ bundle. He believes that the fast bowlers deserve all the praise they have received and will receive in the future after such a great victory.

“I think it’s a unit, possibly the best fast bowling unit in the world today, and I think they deserve this title because they have bowled really well in foreign conditions where there are more spinners, more fast bowlers. No help. He raised his hands and turned the whole game upside down. It’s not about doing 35-40 overs and then taking five wickets, I think he did it fast, so according to me He deserves all the praise and celebration. I am walking around the Indian team, “concluded Sachin Tendulkar.

The two teams will meet for the third Test on August 25 in Headingley, Leeds.


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