Salaries of IMSS and ISSSTE doctors and nurses to increase by 5.4% – El Financiro

According to a report by the Federation of Trade Union of State Service Workers (FSTSE), the salaries of doctors, paramedics, nurses as well as the concerned groups of the Ministry of Health and ISSTE will increase by 5.4%.

It noted that as a result of negotiations with the federal government, the FSTSE and the National Union of Health Workers, the health sector employees achieved an average weight gain of 5.4%, with basic Includes salary and money. Of economic benefits

FSTSE leader Joel Ayala Almeida explained. The increase will be preceded by May 1 this year, as part of a pay update that will benefit workers in the health sector, benefiting low-income employees with a higher percentage under the strategic formula. For

He pointed out that benefits such as food aid, aid for services and various social security benefits would benefit those working in the state to support the economy.

Regarding the economic stimulus for the end of the year, known as pantry vouchers, he clarified that the increase would be announced in November this year.

At the same time, the federal government’s efforts are worthwhile at a time when economic equilibrium conditions in public finances do not necessarily exist.

Ayala Almeida praised the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, headed by Rogelio Ramirez de Lao, as well as officials from the Ministry of Health, led by Jorge Alcosar Varela.

The officials show in the facts that in order to achieve these goals, the central FSTSE and its organizations, especially the Secretariat of Health, are consistent in their policy of cooperation and collaboration with the National Union of Workers. Through active dialogue, “he stressed

He commented that the FSTSE Central would continue with its social conviction aimed at strengthening the institutions of the Republic of Mexico.


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