Saltillo student, after returning from NASA

“My name is Lizeth Anahí Gomez Morales, I’m 20 years old and studying engineering Mechatronics on Technological Institute of Saltillo… I remember that at the beginning of my career I received such derogatory comments at the university that If I had believed them right now, I would not be where I am”.

The comments negative which Lizeth received when she decided to study mechatronics engineering as a woman, turned them into resilience to participate in an international NASA program.

Back in Saltillo, after a week of training and spatial training to solve problems in US Space & Rocket Center In Huntsville, Alabama, Lizeth shared her VANGUARD experience to motivate all students, especially women who has a dream of not giving up in order to achieve it.

In Mexico there are one million 737 thousand professionals in the field of technology, of which only 19 percent are women, which are those of vehicles, electricity and electronics, those with the lowest female participation, according to National survey of occupation and employment, by the engineer Lizeth decided to study there are not even numbers of women taking positions or registering at universities with this approach.

A couple of months ago, the young woman put a feminine face on a profession earlier considered exclusively for men, and that in southeastern Coahuila there is a greater demand for labor in the vehicle area; the female face is now the second place winner in International Air and Space Program, where students experience a variety of astronaut training exercises, technical challenges and teamwork that culminates in the development of a mechanism that will be part of a space mission.

We do not believe in the comments that women do not go into any industry or that we are not good for this type of business, or that it is only for men because the truth is that we are capable of many things. We only set the limits for ourselves. We do not need to turn off, we can shine so brightly“, it says.

After going through various obstacles, mainly financial and lack of support, to be part of the program, Lizeth got to experience during her stay development of a scale rocket; neutral buoyancy that simulates the weightless environment of space (zero gravity); fly a plane and receive mentorship from experienced astronauts with more than 560 hours in space.

“I like this kind of space, not because they know my Lizeth, but rather because they see that I’m a girl, a female engineer who accomplishes these things, and my story serves as an inspiration for more girls and women who focus on these areas in science, technology and technology, ”she emphasizes.

Finally, ensures that this experience enabled him to test his academic skills, putting a second language into practice, traveling abroad for the first time and appropriate new tools and knowledge, made it clear to him that focusing on the aviation industry is no longer a dream, but, a potential opportunity.


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