Sambrando Voda added more beneficiaries to the mesh.

As directed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in Michoacán, the expansion of the Sembrando Vida program is already a reality, with the integration of a thousand more cedars and sowers, while for the well-being of older adults. The pension includes more than 87,000 beneficiaries, Secretary Javier May Rodriguez said.

As part of the federal government’s cabinet, the Secretary of Welfare presented the progress of priority programs in Morelia during the presentation of a questionable support plan led by President Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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In the Government Palace and in the presence of Governor Alfredo Ramirez Bedola, the Secretary highlighted that, in Michoacán, 341,000 older adults receive a welfare pension with a monthly investment of 1,057 million pesos.

He added that as per the presidential directives, more than 65 87,949 adults would be included in the institution’s program, a target of 47 per cent in advance “which is about half of the total already proposed. ۔ “

He reported that, in Michoacán, 32,668 people with disabilities also receive a two-month global pension of 88 million pesos.

At the same time, he pointed out that 6,247 beneficiaries of the Children and Boys, Working Mothers and Children program receive their assistance every two months with an investment of Rs 10,738,000, while every two months Another two million pesos a month goes to 1,631 deserving girls, boys and adolescents in the maternity orphanage program.

He pointed out that 11,623 people, mostly women, have received 67 67 million from the microcredit program, called the Tandas Para L Benstar.

The Secretary Welfare said that the life of sowing in the state provides employment to 11,000 people from the villages. “It includes thousands of new badges and seeds that were added with the expansion of the program, which you directed and which is 100 percent complete,” he told the president.

He pointed out that out of the total number of seed and planters, 30 per cent are women, 70 per cent are men and 2160 are locals. “From January to September, Sembrando Voda has invested 4 394 million in paying cedars and sellers.”

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Sambrando Voda currently covers 824 areas in 21 Mikokan municipalities, with forests on 27,149 hectares and 404 bio-factories, 444 community nurseries and an equal number of Campsino Learning Communities (CACs).

In addition, 1.269 million wood and fruit trees have been planted, and another 2 million species are being planted as the second National Sowing Day.

President Lopez Obrador was accompanied by Home Secretary Eden Augusto Lopez Hernandez. National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González Marina, Jose Rafael Ojida Doron and Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Isla Rodriguez Welkes.

Similarly, the Secretaries of Environment and Natural Resources, Maria Louisa Alborz Gonzalez Agriculture and Rural Development, Vector Manuel Vallabos Armbola Communications and Transportation, George Argnes Diaz Lyall Public Education, Delphina Gomez Alvarez Labor and Social Welfare, Louisa Culture, Alejandra Frasto Guerrero and Tourism, Miguel Angel Toroko Marcos.

Maria Estella Rios Gonzalez, Legal Adviser to the Federal Executive, Victoria Rodriguez Ciga, Under Secretary for Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), as well as Secretaries of Government and Finance and State of Machiavelli, Carlos Torres Piana, and Luis Navarro Garcia, Servants, among others, state government people.



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