Sarina Wigman wants ‘more brutality’ from England despite victory

England boss Sarina Wigman acknowledged the positive aspects of her team’s victory over Belgium, but also stressed that “more brutality” will be needed at the European Championship this summer.

The Lionesses beat Molinho 3-0 in the first of three warm-up games ahead of next month’s Euros.

They took the lead in the 62nd minute when Chloe Kelly’s shot was deflected off Amber Tisiak, fellow substitute Rachel Daly doubled the lead four minutes later and the win was completed with seven minutes remaining in regulation when skipper Leah Williamson struck . the crossbar and the ball hit goalkeeper Nicky Evrard.

This was after the first half, in which the hosts failed to make a breakthrough despite creating a flurry of chances.

Wigman, who announced her final Euro squad of 23 the day before, said: “Good result, three goals, a save (clean sheet), a lot of players on the field, we used all the substitutions we could use.

“You can tell about the depth of our team, because we could even bring in other players who would also influence the game, so that’s good.

I think when you win 3:0 that’s enough. I think when you go to the Euros we need a little more ruthlessness.”Sarina Wigman

“I think we played well in the first half, created chances but didn’t score. But we needed more depth in the game, more lag. I think we did it a little better in the second half.

“I think when you win 3-0, that’s enough. I think when you go to the Euros we need a little more ruthlessness.”

Kelly was returning to England, going on hiatus in her first international cap since returning to action with an ACL injury in April.

The Manchester City winger last played for his country in April 2021, shortly before he was injured.


Chloe Kelly (left) celebrating her first goal (Nick Potts/PA)

Wigman, who has been in charge since last September, said of Kelly: “I think she adapted very quickly. She enjoys it.

“She hasn’t been on the team before so we had to share some information about what we’ve done and what we expect from her and I think she’s doing well.

“It’s good that she already started playing at Man City and increased the minutes of the game, and then from the very beginning here we also continued to increase her.

“She’s doing well and the team is just very competitive, so it’s a pleasure to work with the team.”

The England players wore black armbands in honor of the recent death of Wigman’s sister.

And when asked about it, Wigman said, “They were so supportive of me and wanted (to do it).

“The captains came up to me and asked if they could put them on. It shows that they are such good people and the solidarity of this team that we support each other. So I thought it was just a great thing to do and I think my sister was proud of it.”

England, whose unbeaten streak under Wigman has extended to 12 games, their 10th win, will play Holland eight days later at Elland Road and then Switzerland in Zurich before kicking off their Euro campaign by playing Austria at the Old Trafford 6 July.