Saturn, espacios for migrants

Debido a la continua llegada de familias migrantes, mexicanas mantiene cerradas sus fronteras bajo el llamado Tutulo 42, los espacios humanitarios de Ciudad Juárez ya se encurentas de.

The activist, who coordinates the Red Integration by 17 espacios dirigidos por grupos religiosos, has created the need for the authorities to change the algorithm in the city to evacuate the migrants permeating in the calves.

All algorithms are reborn, everybody is linos, enter the fines of semen, ayer (lunes) and hoy (martes) are very much solicited for part of Grupo Beta to be able to eat caso. And here are the albers, because there is a lot of espionage, and no hay. We are all here, or there is no espacio ”, he said.

Ademeás de los 17 espacios que integration la Red de Albergues de Grupos de Fe, en la ciudad aloja a personas en movilidad la Casa del Migrante, que pertenece a la Diócesis de Ciudad Juárez pero no form part ningónuna agrupaci. Embrace the municipal “Kiki” Romero, the Integrator Center for Migrant Leona Vicario, the Hotel Filtro and other specifics that are not derived from religious groups, but all of them meet the limits of their capacity.

“The situation is so delicate, it must have caused a great deal of excitement because we see in the canals that families are completely solitary espacio a day, and we never see a poner like this. unprotected because of families. When we are in the middle of nowhere, there is almost no difference between the great and the goblins, because we are always waiting for the pastors, because we have to deal with their names that are not enough, “Más.

The last algorithm that came to the city, the 31st of May, Fue Tierra de Oro Ciudad Juárez, the cargo of Pastor Rosalío Sosa, the cual aloja actually more than 30 people who did not have any inquiries.

“Establish the situation of the calf”, say the pastor about the migrants who help, even the Mexican origins like extranjero, mainly families.

It has destroyed the element that has its albums, to the point that Mani Arias, who records that the element consumes diary.

“We don’t want to say that with this there will be a problem with the fact that there is no one who can enter the albums; there is no need for it, but there is no doubt that there is, there is no need for aliens”, he said.

The lunes, the Coordinating General of the Vial of the Municipio informed the apostles that the three centreamericanas accomplished their duties for the 4th, 3rd and 4th of June, and that they were in the midst of the infirmity of their fathers. busca de albergue.

Miles more than the city with the intention to enter the United States and join the agents of the Patrulla Fronteriza, with the hope of the asylum seeker.

There may also be agents from the Patrulla Fronteriza detect the diary of the United States of America’s 117 million migrants to the El Paso sector, with a total of 34,638 people, accustomed to the frontier states of the Office of the Beatles, by their sigs. in English) from the United States.

The chiffra represents an augmentation of 15.98 because it feels respectful. The statuesque, may be convincing in the second most irregularities by the El Paso sector, only for May 2019, when there were 387 detachments, even after the eclipse of the cacophony. Which provokes to be explicit, but at least one of the four people will try to cross the frontier, which will raise the number of details.