Scaries beat up driver for paying victim’s medical bill

A personal trainer driving after rear-ending another vehicle has been fined €400 in Swords District Court.

Arrag Walsh (27) initially stopped after hitting the vehicle, kept his foot out of the car as if to change his mind and exited before driving, the court heard.

Defendant, Morne Close, with an address in Skerries, pleaded not guilty to hit-and-run on October 24, 2019, in Skerries Road, Rush. He claimed that he was not at the spot when the accident took place and was not driving. Time.

Judge Gerard Jones convicted Walsh after hearing evidence from the victim, who gave Gardai a registration of the vehicle that struck him and identified the defendant in court.

The woman told the court that she was coming back from Skerries and had indicated to change at the Clifflands Estate when she heard a “thud” and felt herself thrown back and forth. She said that she saw a man trying to move her to her left side and collided with her. The woman said that she gestured for the driver to pull inside, which she did. Then the man opened the side door and “stuck his foot out”. However, he said that he looked at her again and “in an instant” he was gone. The injured side said he noticed the black Audi A4’s registration when he realized he was going to drive.

Defense counsel said Walsh would maintain that he was in Dublin city center that day and was not driving at the time of the accident. He told her that he had made a mistake remembering the car and that if it was that car, Walsh was not the driver. However, the injured party denied this, saying she was “certain” that Walsh was the person driving the car.

A witness who went to the aid of the injured party said that she was on her way from the estate to Skreis Road at around 6.20 pm. He said a car was waiting to come in when another car went to pick him up and rammed the vehicle. The woman said the driver of the car, who was trying to start, pulled in, opened the door, put his foot out and then got back in the car and left.

Garda Konal Shaw said the injured party reported the incident to him and he contacted the owner of the vehicle to come to the station to give a statement. Garda Shaw said Walsh admitted he was the registered owner of the vehicle and told her he was driving on that date, but denied involvement in the incident and declined to give a statement.

In his evidence in court, Walsh stated that the day he was in the center of town, attending a course after which he met his brother for coffee and shopping. Then he got the train home at around 6.30 pm or 7 pm, he said. The defendant stated that he usually parks his car at a local housing property about five minutes from the station. He said that when he came back he went home from the station. The accused stated that he could not have been involved in the accident as he was only leaving Dublin around the time when it was said to have happened.

When state attorneys told him he was “abusive” and that he was the driver that evening and hit another car, Walsh denied it. The defendant’s brother, Andrew Walsh, also testified to have spent the afternoon in Dublin with his brother, before the pair got to the train home “around 6.30 pm or 7 pm”.

In convicting Walsh, Judge Gerard Jones said the evidence on the injured party was “absolutely clear”.

Judge Jones fined the defendant €400 and directed that he pay medical expenses of €180 to the injured party.