Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, has died.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, Father of the Atom bomb On Pakistan And National hero For many, died To do 85 years After a positive test covid-19 And be Hospitalized Many times since August

Of Pakistani nuclear scientist, Appreciated for changing the country. The first Islamic nuclear power But accused of spreading illegally Technology To Iran, North Korea And Libya, passed away After being transferred to KRL Hospital. Islamabad. By Lung problemsAccording to Pakistan’s state television PTV

Khan had already been admitted to the hospital in August after a positive test. China said his condition worsened Sunday morning.

He became a national hero in May 1998 when the Islamic Republic of Pakistan formally joined the list of nuclear military powers, thanks to an experiment a few days later by its arch-rival India.

Many Pakistani personalities expressed grief over the death of the scientist.

I am deeply saddened by the death of Dr AQ Khan, “Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Twitter.

He highlighted “its important contribution to making us a nuclear-weapon state.”

He was a national icon for the people of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that he would be buried at Faisal Grand Mosque in Islamabad as requested.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed made it clear that the funeral would be held “with all due respect” in the presence of government and senior military officials.

Funeral is scheduled for Sunday at 3:30 p.m. (10:30 GMT). According to Islamic tradition, if possible, it should be done within 24 hours after death.

‘I saved the country’

He was praised because of his ability to compete with India in the nuclear field and to have “unimaginable” means of defense.

But in February 2004, Khan was detained in Islamabad in the 1990s on charges of illegal distribution of technology.

In February 2004, he admitted on television that he had participated in outreach activities before retreating.

He obtained an apology from then-President General Pervez Musharraf.

I saved the country for the first time when I made Pakistan a nuclear state and I saved it again when I recognized it and took full responsibility for it.

In 2009, a court ordered his detention lifted, but he continued to be subjected to harsh measures and had to inform authorities before taking any action.

Khan, born April 1, 1936, in the Indian city of Bhopal, was also in charge of the country’s missile development program, 11 years before the bloody partition of the British Empire that resulted in Pakistan and India in 1947.

He graduated from Karachi University in 1960 with a degree in science and completed his training in Berlin, the Netherlands and Belgium.

His key contribution to Pakistan’s nuclear program was the design of centrifuges, which enriched uranium to the appropriate concentration rate for weapons production.

He was accused of stealing the technology from the Netherlands while working for a Uranco consortium in the country.

On his return to Pakistan, then-Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto appointed him head of the National Uranium Enrichment Program.

His team enriched him in 1978 and in 1984 he was ready to build an atomic bomb, Khan later revealed in an interview.

In a 1990 speech, he acknowledged that the necessary elements had been purchased abroad.

It was not possible for us to prepare everything in the country.

After India’s first nuclear test in 1998, in response to India’s assurances that Islamabad never wanted to build a nuclear weapon, it was forced to do so because of the need to stop it.

None of the controversies in which he was embroiled have made him very popular in Pakistan, where colleges, universities and hospitals have his name and his picture illustrates posters, objects and web pages.



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